Friday, July 9, 2010

Ses.ame Place!!!

It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to post photos from our trip to Ses.ame Place back in May, when we went! Adam had the BEST time as you can see...

Countless hours were spent in this HUGE "baby (wave)pool"

Adam was literally distraught at first that he couldn't participate in the parade. Cookie saw him crying and came over and gave him a hug. Love that monster! ;)

Finally, enjoying the parade

1st Ride with Daddy -- so excited

Can you find him? =)

Taking a break... notice Adam's first face painting... a rubber ducky, of course!

Another ride!

Can't believe I let my 3-year-old go on this! I can see his smile from here (not really)!

"Hi Abby Cada.bby"! Adam eventually met all of the Ses.ame Street characters... funny thing is it didn't faze him at all... you would think he met characters every day!

Hugging Super!

Back at the hotel... definitely not a first-class stay (huge understatement there). It was Adam's first time in a hotel... he kinda freaked out... especially since the first room we were given was an "upgrade". There was, kid you not, a jacuzzi in the middle of the room that could fit 10 people!
I really should've taken a picture before we changed rooms! Fortunately, once he settled down (in the new room), he slept through the night.

On Day 2, we went to 2 shows. Adam intently watched the first show, "!" which was pretty cool. It was modeled after an "'s Wor.ld" segment, complete with Mr. Noo.dle... a favorite of Adam's from a year ago.

Can you find Dorothy,'s fish? =)

The next show was "Abby Cad.abby's Treasure Hunt". The characters were adorable but the show was much too long.

Enjoying lunch.... esp. the cupcake! Yum!

Another water attraction, perfect for preschoolers. Very, very cool (no pun intended, hahaha)!

The Ses.ame Street Walk of Fame!

Quick photo stop with Big Bi.rd. Of course, the photos are photoshopped so you see an "authentic" Ses.ame Street background if you purchase the photo.

We bought a photo similar to this one... of course it's much closer up... it's really adorable, actually, as Adam is BEAMING in the picture. I even caved and bought the cheesy Ses.ame Street frame to put it in!'s Big Bounce -- a HUGE open moon bounce for kids

Last ride before we head home... Big Bi.rd's Balloon Ride. Steven was a great sport for going on all the rides with Adam... while I snapped the pictures (shocker, right)!

It was a wonderful trip! We hope to get back to the "Street" later this summer/early fall! =)

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