Friday, December 31, 2010

California Vacation (in photos)

We had a wonderful family reunion in Palm Springs, California during the winter holidays. The gang was all there: Grandma, Marty, Uncle Joey, (future) Aunt Hillary, Uncle Steven, Aunt Elizabeth and sweet Popcorn. :) We spent a lot of time hanging around the hotel but also spent time at "The Living Desert" where Adam had his first(?) camel ride (he loved it)! Here are some photos from the week:
P.S. I'm posting this after our trip but changed the date so it will be shown in the 2010 blog book :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter "Staycation"

Winter break started for Adam & I on Friday so we've had lots of awesome quality time together the past few days. It's so wonderful spending the days with my Little Love. Even though he certainly has his 3-year-old moments, for the most part he's a total delight. He's been really into reading books, doing puzzles, playing with his trains, building his legos, watching dvds (the Care Bears - old school! - is his new favorite), cooking with me, helping organize toys, drawing, etc. Today he made up a new game called "Stop & Go". He found a pointer and made up a game very similar to "Red Light, Green Light". :)

On Friday morning (Staycation Day #1), we took a "field trip" to the mall to see a kids' rock band but they didn't show (probably b/c it was on Dec. 24). Since it was Dec. 24th, the mall was PACKED. Adam played in the kids' area for a few minutes but it was too crowded. It was still morning so we headed across the mall to... Chuck E.'s (it was his lucky day, what can I say?!?). Actually, we both had a pretty good time as it was fairly empty (everyone must have been at the mall)! He LOVED playing air hockey (and would get excited when he would score goals on both sides - check out the picture of him literally jumping for joy!) and he also enjoyed skeeball - even got it in the 100 pt. circle a few times.

Afterwards, we went out to lunch together at Mimi's Ca.fe. Adam was very well-behaved (well, except for wanting to spill salt & pepper on the dishes - after we were done eating them, at least!) and he completed his meal with a gummy worm sundae! Yum!

On Saturday (Staycation Day #2), we got together with 2 other Jewish families for a traditional Chinese "Dec. 25th" dinner =). Adam had a ball playing with Alison/Don's son, Geoffrey (his birthday twin) and Lori/Alex's sons, William & Matthew. They could all be wild together! It was awesome! Here are some (terrible) pics of the boys taken from my cell phone. No pics of the men as they were busy eating separately from us women & talking football. Steven was in heaven. ;)

Yesterday (Staycation Day #3), I began to pack for our trip to Palm Springs (we're leaving tomorrow early evening) so Steven took Adam to see " Bear". Adam didn't talk too much about it but Steven said it seemed like he enjoyed the movie. Besides that, we just all hung out together (it was FREEZING & snowing a bit outside)!

Today (Staycation Day #4), Adam and I had another "Mommy & Me" day as Daddy had to work. We went over to Molly's house for a playdate with Riley & Jude. The kids had a good time playing together except for their arguments over who would get to hold the BLUE net and the BLUE golf club. Oy! Adam's favorite color is blue and even though he's much better with sharing these days, he insists on always having "blue". We're working on it!

We were supposed to attend another playdate this afternoon, at Selin's home (from school), but Adam was too tired as he was up way-too-early this morning. So we just hung out and rested and packed. A good end to a wonderful 4 day Staycation with my Little Love. ;)

** Hope all of our Blogger friends who celebrate had a Very Merry Christmas! Blog will resume after the New Year... we'll be in Palm Springs with Uncle Steven/Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Joey/"Aunt-to-be" Hillary and Mom(Grandma)/Marty until then! Happy (early) New Year's!**

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preschool happenings: Dance Recital & Holiday Pageant

Adam has been on stage twice this past week. Good thing he likes to perform! Last week, he performed with all dance class at school. Most of the kids were much older (4- 5.5) but he held his own, for most part, until the end. During the last song, he got silly (he fell down and pretended he couldn't get back up) and then ran to me. Oh well... he did well until the end, at least. Mom & Marty also came to watch which was a special treat.

Yesterday was Little Love's class's Holiday Pageant. He did much better during this performance. He is still the youngest kid there (it's a multi-age class, in true Montes.sori fashion) but they are his regular classmates and teachers so he was fine... and quite cute, I must say. Below are some photos; for some reason, the video clip won't attach correctly - I'll try to post that again tomorrow...

With Caleb & Delaney, 2 of his "best friends" With his other "bestie" (besides Jackson), Rushan With Ms. Nalika - she's a wonderful teacher!!! With Ms. Claudia - the lovely teacher assistant Adam & Mommy