Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picnic Time!

Picnic time is huge these days in our house. Adam loves to cook for us and then prepare his food (and cooking utensils) for a family picnic.

Steven and I always CRACK UP during the picnic because Adam is so, well, BOSSY. You aren't allowed to touch any food unless he tells you to. If you try to sneak a bite in, he'll yell "No, Mommy, that's too hot! Put it back!"... and, by all means, you better put it back!!! Once we're all settled, Adam will usually ask "what do you want?" in a sweet (and yet authoritative) voice and he'll find the foods you ask for and gather it all up. Then you have about 3 seconds to eat until Adam announces "OK, you're finished" and places the food backin the crate. We're not allowed to touch any utensils, either... only Adam is allowed to. He has a little pink plate that is just for Daddy, too. =)

My favorite thing to do is to ask Adam for some water with ice. He'll then go to his "kitchen" and put a cup (an empty play-do.h container) under the water & ice dispenser. Then he'll make noises for the ice & water filling up... classic!

Here are some pics from picnic time this past week:
preparing the feast

the spread

mmm... grapes

Daddy enjoying his meal

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