Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3 year stats

Adam had his 3-year-old "well visit", 3 months late, yesterday. Oh well... between work, travel & the fact that Dr. F is enormously popular, it was scheduled a *little* late. Anyway, here are the stats for our "Big Boy" (don't even think about calling him a "baby" these days. He'll raise his arms up and say "Look! I'm a Big Boy!"... so funny).

Weight: 31 lbs, 4 oz (with a T-shirt/shorts on) -- 25- 50th %ile -- WOW!!!

Height: 38 inches WITH SHOES ON!!! So, he's in thd 50th %ile with shoes on.... but with shoes OFF he's 37 inches which puts him in the 25th %ile (I think). I'm really frustrated that they didn't take off his shoes... which I didn't even realize until we were driving home. He definitely looks like he's more in the 25th%ile range for height so I was thinking about it... and then I realized that the nurse kept his shoes on. No big deal, of course, but I'd rather his medical records be accurate.

Anyway... the appointment went well. They checked him for lazy eye (apparently they do this for all 3 year olds) and he passed the check. They also took his blood pressure for the first time, it was something like 88/44 (???) -- which is apparently normal for a little guy.

Adam literally sat like a statue throughout the exam; he was clearly fascinated. I wish he would've been more "himself" (goofy, talkative, etc.) but Dr. F was clearly thankful that Adam was so cooperative. He also sat perfectly still and didn't make a peep when the nurse did a blood test (finger prick) to check for his cholesterol... another new test they do for 3 year olds... who knew?

Another thing Dr. F mentioned was the "new" Pneumococcal 13 vaccine. It's a vaccine againt meningitis. The previos vaccine was Pneum. 7... and Adam already received all 4 doses of that one. Of course, AAP recommends getting a Pneum. 13 vaccine now, too, since it prevents 6 more strains of meningitis. I'm all for meningitis prevention but I'm a little concerned about how new this version is. Have any of you blog readers heard about this/gotten the new vaccine for your kids? Thanks for any info! =)

Adam with his new "Tag" reading system in B'ham... what a great invention!


Fighting Mama said...

Woohoo! Way to grow little man!

Ricky had a pin prick cholesterol test at 18 mos (family history of heart disease) and he did great as well. These little guys and their resiliency never cease to amaze me.

Let me know what you learn about the pneum 13. I would also check out and see if his vaccine section has any updates. At what point do you stop vaccinating when a new vax comes out? I haven't had HIB, Hep A or B, Varicella and half of what they are now vaccinating for. Is it really essential for the kids?

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Wow, none of that was done for Teo's 3-year-old appt. Just normal, height/weight, eye check, ear check, lungs, genital check etc. We are wary of vaccines and only get a few, so I'm not the one to ask. :)