Monday, April 26, 2010

A beautiful day... filled with very smelly animals =)

We headed to Pan Park last week, before I got sick. We have been taking Adam to this park for 2 years now... here is a blog post written when we first took him... he had just turned one (awww)! Adam loved seeing all the animals (especially the pigs and HUGE horse -- the biggest horse I've ever seen -- see below!)and the wagon ride. However, he especially enjoyed RUNNING FULL SPEED (he is FAST!) through the park... until he fell, that is.

Here are some pics from the park... look at my BIG BOY!!!

Seriously... this horse's head was bigger than Adam's whole body! I think it's the same horse that we saw two years ago! This is so terrible but it reminded me of a particular scene in the Godfather -- right, Steven?!?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Cousin Claire!!!

I am so bummed. Today was Cousin Claire's 3rd birthday party and I woke up sick! Achy, low grade fever, etc. I didn't get out of bed until 6 pm! Of all the days to be sick. =( We are all very sad to have missed Claire's birthday and are sending Cousin Claire a huge HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY shout-out!!!

Fun at Red Ro.bin

Even funnier at 3

Adam has always cracked me up... even before he could talk, he was funny. There are sheets of paper lying all over the house with his funny sayings written on them. I always mean to post them on the blog... and, of course, I always forget to do so.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Favorites at 3


Food: fruit, chocolate and lollipops =)

Drinks: water, chocolate milk, apple juice

Colors: "blue and black"... he's been saying this for months now

Letters (he loves his letters!): "L and M"

Stuffed Toys: Doggies, of course... original doggy still being his favorite and who he sleeps with every night. Funny story... this morning he changed "Big Deegy's" name to "RUFF". When I called him "Big Deegy", he even corrected me! Such a bossy little love we have! =)

Books: George... and whatever else he's in the mood for at the time. We usually read 5 - 10 books a day. He especially likes "reading" books himself, now.

TV shows: Frank.lin, Ma.x &, Do.ra, Dieg.o, Lit.tle Bear

Movies: The Lion & Charlo.tte's Web (the original one). He also sat through his first movie from beginning to end which was "U.P" and was totally intrigued. I especially liked it when he commented that the "old man" and the construction worker "weren't sharing"! Classic.

DVDs: Here the Cat (Scholas.tic book on DVD) and all the LeapFr.og ones
(current fave being The Talking Wo.rds Factory)

Friends: Jackie, Rushan, Olivia, Benjamin, Tomas, Nathan, Riley (and lots more... but these are the kids he talks about the most)

Activities: Cooking in his kitchen (esp. with his cookies), Running around outside (esp. with a ball), bubbles, "cleaning" (sweeping, wiping off stuff, etc.), and drawing (esp. letters)

Toys: Meli.ssa & Doug's "See & Spell", LeapFr.og's alphabet tracer, Le.gos, and sometimes cars & trains

CDs: Dis.ney's 35 Years of Magic... it's awesome. We rented it at the library months ago and I keep renewing it. Every song is great. We seriously listen to it about 3-5 times a day!

Places to go: fields to run around with (with a ball, of course), playgrounds, friends' houses, ADAM'S HOUSE (his favorite place to be!) and, of course, Grandma's House!

Adam & Mama with Big Re.d!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"magical wand" photo shoot =)

My apologies for being a blog slacker this week. Back to work = Back to reality (I was on spring break the week before so I had more time to blog). Oh well... just a little over 2 months until summer vacation... yahoo... it's a huge perk of being in education! =) I have SO many posts to write, finish up, etc. Blog ideas come to my head on a daily basis. I just need to sit down and write them... hopefully later this week. For now, I'll leave you with some photos I took of Adam with his "magic wand" taken this past Thursday. His magic wand was a birthday present from Miss Nichole... she uses it during Adam's KinderT.ots class every week. He loves having his own wand!

He's such a cool & happy little guy:
Mama's Shining Star!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Passover 2010 (with Uncle Joey - yay!)

Adam enjoyed his 4th year of Passover Seders earlier this week. Passover has always been a special holiday for me, especially since Adam has been born... as he's my little Passover baby (he was five DAYS old during his first Seder)!

We were all very excited that Uncle Joey was in town from CA to celebrate with us. Adam & Uncle Joey had a good time reconnecting on Sunday night (what a special birthday treat, having Uncle Joey there to celebrate with!):

For the first Seder, we headed over to Marty's house. We got to meet Marty's kids (they were very sweet) and Marty's 2-year-old grandson, Mo (who was absolutely adorable). Mom & Marty led the Seder and they cooked a scrumptious meal!
Uncle Joey with some Passover guests


Adam entertained himself during the seder by making a "matzah/apple juice treat" (ugh)

Adam found this old recorder in the house... it wasn't as much of a hit with the guests, I might add!

Adam & Marty

Adam & Mo... they almost look like brothers!

Adam loved Mo... he even told Grandma that they were "twins"!

Our second Seder was very low-key... just a little family seder at Mom's house:
2nd seder at Grandma's house
Adam always enjoys his "wine" (apple juice!)
Adam playing with a plague -- the frogs!

Overall, we had 2 enjoyable (& quite short - not that I'm complaining!) Seders this year. I think of my Dad every day, but especially during Passover. He loved the holiday and followed his haggadah from the '70s (which I just spent 30 minutes on-line looking for) almost to the letter. We always used Mom's Len.ox Seder plate, (brother) Steven's seder plate (that he made when he was 10) and the afikomen holder, also from the '70s. Mom used the same recipes, year after year, and we always had the 1st Seder at home (usually follwed by a 2nd Seder at the Shuman's house). Such sweet memories.