Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picnic Time!

Picnic time is huge these days in our house. Adam loves to cook for us and then prepare his food (and cooking utensils) for a family picnic.

Steven and I always CRACK UP during the picnic because Adam is so, well, BOSSY. You aren't allowed to touch any food unless he tells you to. If you try to sneak a bite in, he'll yell "No, Mommy, that's too hot! Put it back!"... and, by all means, you better put it back!!! Once we're all settled, Adam will usually ask "what do you want?" in a sweet (and yet authoritative) voice and he'll find the foods you ask for and gather it all up. Then you have about 3 seconds to eat until Adam announces "OK, you're finished" and places the food backin the crate. We're not allowed to touch any utensils, either... only Adam is allowed to. He has a little pink plate that is just for Daddy, too. =)

My favorite thing to do is to ask Adam for some water with ice. He'll then go to his "kitchen" and put a cup (an empty play-do.h container) under the water & ice dispenser. Then he'll make noises for the ice & water filling up... classic!

Here are some pics from picnic time this past week:
preparing the feast

the spread

mmm... grapes

Daddy enjoying his meal

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The many faces of Little Love

Since it's easy to take (and publish)photos on my beloved new phone, I am constantly snapping pics of Adam (like I wasn't doing that enough before, haha). Anyway, here are some cute ones that I took during Steven's birthday dinner on June 29th:

A few more that I took a few weeks ago when Adam was watching TV. The 2nd photo cracks me up... Steven is a *little* annoyed about all the photos I'm taking... but it's hard to look like Mr. Tough Guy while holding Ruff!

On another note... Adam said the funniest thing tonight. I was putting a new sheet on the bed and he said "I can help you, Mommy... I'm SUPER ADAM"! That kid cracks me up (and he actually did help)! =)

Thanks to my readers who have requested the blog address of my personal blog. I am on a "Get Healthy (lose weight!) Mission" this summer. If you are interested in reading about my journey, please leave your e-mail address and I'll send you the link. Thanks! =)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(almost) 3 and a Quarter

Recent Adam-isms/sentences:

-- mommy, i want a REAL dog (after playing with tomas' dog)

-- i have to go to school to learn and sing songs

-- mommy, doggies like to eat hot dogs b/c they're dogs

Adam, I love how you...

-- say i'm going to pick 2 rocks today (all matter of factly)

-- say thank you! when i tell him i don't have to work or go to the store

-- give big hugs for daddy

-- how he reads books/tells stories -- amazing imagination!

-- the fact that he knows that "worms eat grass to get energy". that's actually new to me, haha.

-- how he puts his little arms around me when he's lying in bed... and also when we were watching "Curi.ous George" at the movies (during a special "kids at the movies" day)

-- that's he's a total mama's boy

-- and yet, very athletic

-- he's never met a ball he hasn't liked=)

-- various moods/demeanors etc.

-- runs to me, yelling MOMMY!, and JUMPS in my arms

-- how he yells "I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!" like he's yelling "I'm going to Disneyland"!

-- how he remembers my favorites...my favorite animal (polar bear) and my favorite marble (white with blue dots). And favorite songs "C is for Cookie" and "Pirates of the CAribbean". He'll ask "Is this your favorite?" and if you say "no" he'll say "Yes, it is your favorite!"

Wordless Wednesday -- Grandma's Back!

My mom just got back from a week in Toronto with Marty. Adam was SO HAPPY to see Grandma again today... we all missed her so much! Adam gave Grandma lots of hugs and "noseys" as you can see below. Apologies for the messy table(sorry, Mom!) and photo quality... they were taken on my phone.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Wheels

The other day, I received an e-mail from a neighbor announcing she's giving away her son's tricyle and I couldn't resist picking it up for Adam. He's had it for 3 days now and insists on riding it for about an hour every evening. He especially loves riding with Tara, our (almost)6-year-old neighbor. Adam ADORES Tara. She rings the bell every afternoon, asking Adam to play... and Adam goes NUTS. He RUNS down the stairs yelling "Tara! Tara! I'm coming, Tara!" the whole way down. They take turns bossing each other around when they play together... and I have to constantly remind Tara that Adam is only 3... but they are precious together, nonetheless.

Interesting story about Adam's helmet... we went to Tar.get together to pick one out the other night. I asked Adam which helmet he liked and he immediately picked out the Sch.winn (glad that company is still around!) one with the "fishies". Just for fun, I asked Adam if he wanted the "Abby Cad.abby" or "Do.ra" helmet instead. He replied "Mom, those are for GIRLS!" Wow... can't believe he already has some gender stereotypes at 39 months. Incredible. Anyway, the fish helmet won out... which was my favorite one, anyway. Here are some pics of Adam with his new trike:

Doesn't this picture just scream "SUMMER"?!? Adam eating his 1st icee, courtesy of Tara

Adam & Tara, getting ready to "race"

There they go! Also, notice our new wheels (car) in the background? Adam is *fascinated* by it. Almost every day he'll say to me "Daddy got a new car?" and "Where's Daddy's old car?" =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

D.C. Tourist =)

I promised I would blog a lot once I was on summer vacation! =) Here's another post that I should've written back in late May when we went Downtown to the Nation.al Mall/Smithson.ian. We took a Metro to the Smithson.ian stop which is significant b/c it's at that Metro stop that Steven and I first met... on a blind date, almost 11 years ago (awww)!

We took Adam to the Nation.al History Museum (his first museum visit!) and he really enjoyed it. We went to the butterfly exhibit, dinosaur exhibit (of course) and the sea life exhibit. Adam also saw his 1st IM.AX film, in 3D, no less. It was about the ocean and he was mesmerized. Here are some pics from our adventure in Downtown DC (only about a 30 minute Met.ro ride away):

Adam was on the Metro once before, 2 years ago. As you can see, he really enjoyed it now!

See the Washingt.on Mon.ument in the background?

In awe of all the butterflies


Adam, trying to catch a butterfly (as you can see, he followed the directions NOT to touch a butterfly to the tee, haha). He was really gentle, at least!

Love this photo; too bad it came out all funky

1st IM.AX -- 3D! Glasses were a *bit* too big but if he sat absolutely still, they stayed on =)

dinosaur bones... or maybe a big lobster???

Under the Sea...

Besides running around the Nation.al Mall, jumping in puddles like a little madman afterwards, he was a wonderful little tourist. =)
***On a side note, I have started a new blog regarding my journey in "getting healthier"... if interested, leave me a comment, and I'll send you the links. Thanks! =)***

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ses.ame Place!!!

It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to post photos from our trip to Ses.ame Place back in May, when we went! Adam had the BEST time as you can see...

Countless hours were spent in this HUGE "baby (wave)pool"

Adam was literally distraught at first that he couldn't participate in the parade. Cookie Monst.er saw him crying and came over and gave him a hug. Love that monster! ;)

Finally, enjoying the parade

1st Ride with Daddy -- so excited

Can you find him? =)

Taking a break... notice Adam's first face painting... a rubber ducky, of course!

Another ride!

Can't believe I let my 3-year-old go on this! I can see his smile from here (not really)!

"Hi Abby Cada.bby"! Adam eventually met all of the Ses.ame Street characters... funny thing is it didn't faze him at all... you would think he met characters every day!

Hugging Super Grov.er!

Back at the hotel... definitely not a first-class stay (huge understatement there). It was Adam's first time in a hotel... he kinda freaked out... especially since the first room we were given was an "upgrade". There was, kid you not, a jacuzzi in the middle of the room that could fit 10 people!
I really should've taken a picture before we changed rooms! Fortunately, once he settled down (in the new room), he slept through the night.

On Day 2, we went to 2 shows. Adam intently watched the first show, "El.mo Li.ve!" which was pretty cool. It was modeled after an "El.mo's Wor.ld" segment, complete with Mr. Noo.dle... a favorite of Adam's from a year ago.

Can you find Dorothy, El.mo's fish? =)

The next show was "Abby Cad.abby's Treasure Hunt". The characters were adorable but the show was much too long.

Enjoying lunch.... esp. the Cook.ie Monst.er cupcake! Yum!

Another water attraction, perfect for preschoolers. Very, very cool (no pun intended, hahaha)!

The Ses.ame Street Walk of Fame!

Quick photo stop with Big Bi.rd. Of course, the photos are photoshopped so you see an "authentic" Ses.ame Street background if you purchase the photo.

We bought a photo similar to this one... of course it's much closer up... it's really adorable, actually, as Adam is BEAMING in the picture. I even caved and bought the cheesy Ses.ame Street frame to put it in!

Ern.ie's Big Bounce -- a HUGE open moon bounce for kids

Last ride before we head home... Big Bi.rd's Balloon Ride. Steven was a great sport for going on all the rides with Adam... while I snapped the pictures (shocker, right)!

It was a wonderful trip! We hope to get back to the "Street" later this summer/early fall! =)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3 year stats

Adam had his 3-year-old "well visit", 3 months late, yesterday. Oh well... between work, travel & the fact that Dr. F is enormously popular, it was scheduled a *little* late. Anyway, here are the stats for our "Big Boy" (don't even think about calling him a "baby" these days. He'll raise his arms up and say "Look! I'm a Big Boy!"... so funny).

Weight: 31 lbs, 4 oz (with a T-shirt/shorts on) -- 25- 50th %ile -- WOW!!!

Height: 38 inches WITH SHOES ON!!! So, he's in thd 50th %ile with shoes on.... but with shoes OFF he's 37 inches which puts him in the 25th %ile (I think). I'm really frustrated that they didn't take off his shoes... which I didn't even realize until we were driving home. He definitely looks like he's more in the 25th%ile range for height so I was thinking about it... and then I realized that the nurse kept his shoes on. No big deal, of course, but I'd rather his medical records be accurate.

Anyway... the appointment went well. They checked him for lazy eye (apparently they do this for all 3 year olds) and he passed the check. They also took his blood pressure for the first time, it was something like 88/44 (???) -- which is apparently normal for a little guy.

Adam literally sat like a statue throughout the exam; he was clearly fascinated. I wish he would've been more "himself" (goofy, talkative, etc.) but Dr. F was clearly thankful that Adam was so cooperative. He also sat perfectly still and didn't make a peep when the nurse did a blood test (finger prick) to check for his cholesterol... another new test they do for 3 year olds... who knew?

Another thing Dr. F mentioned was the "new" Pneumococcal 13 vaccine. It's a vaccine againt meningitis. The previos vaccine was Pneum. 7... and Adam already received all 4 doses of that one. Of course, AAP recommends getting a Pneum. 13 vaccine now, too, since it prevents 6 more strains of meningitis. I'm all for meningitis prevention but I'm a little concerned about how new this version is. Have any of you blog readers heard about this/gotten the new vaccine for your kids? Thanks for any info! =)

Adam with his new "Tag" reading system in B'ham... what a great invention!