Sunday, November 28, 2010

Very thankful

Thanksgiving Day started with Adam wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and reminding me that "we are going to Grandma's house and having a turkey!" Then he put on his fancy headdress (that he made at school) and took out his turkey wand:

We hung out together in the morning (but forgot to watch the's Thanksgiving Day Parade!) and left for Grandma's in the afternoon. First we stopped over at Rona & Eric's house - wonderful neighbors & family friends. We got to see their kids (who are not really kids anymore - they're only a few years younger than me!) and Adam loved playing with their dog. It was really nice catching up:
Adam with the lovely Rona

Next, we went to Grandma's House for the biggest Thanksgiving dinner we've ever had! Besides our family and Marty, Marty's kids and their families (Josh, Nicole & Mo and Ruth & Will) joined us which was wonderful. My dad's first cousin, Annie, was also in town with her son Yossi and his family (Idit, Shair, Hela and Gali) also joined in on the fun (in town from Atlanta). I haven't seen Annie, Yossi & family in years so it was a real treat to spend Thanksgiving together. Of course Mom outdid herself with the food - wow - the turkey & stuffing were incredible (Uncle Steven & Uncle Joey - you really missed out this year)! ;)

Here are some photos from the evening:

Marty, Mom, Mom/Grandma & Adam getting ready to carve the turkey!

Annie and her wonderful grandchildren - love them!

Adam getting to know cousin Yossi

Adam enjoying his Thanksgiving dinner (especially Grandma's homemade cranberry sauce!) with Daddy, Will, Nicole & Grandma (and my empty chair!)

Adam and Mo watching post-meal football (or, Cur.ious Geo.rge)?!? =)

Nothing ends a Thanksgiving meal better than an exciting game of Tab.oo!!!

Our best attempt at a family picture (Adam was not in a "photo-taking mood" - can you tell?!?)

Hanging out with Annie before eating Thanksgiving leftovers on Friday! =)

We all felt VERY THANKFUL to be together... and to enjoy such a delicious meal! =)

Friday, November 26, 2010

The chosen one (holiday card speaking)

With Love Blue Christmas 5x7 folded card
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Monday, November 22, 2010

holiday card shopping

The holidays are here! I'm so excited as it really is the most wonderful time of the year! I love the spirit, the decorations (esp. the lights), the cookies & other homeade treats, the vacation time, the hope for SNOW and,especially, all the wonderful holiday cards (I just LOVE getting non-junk or non-bills mail - I even love the catalogs)!

As my longtime readers may remember,I send out 2 different cards each year... a Hanukkah card and a "Happy Holidays" card (usually with a SNOWY background) as we have friends who celebrate both holidays, Hanukkah and Christmas (some even celebrate both)! Luckily, Shutterfly has a great collection each year to fit both our needs. It's so easy to order, too... you can choose your price level, size of card, font and size type, greeting,etc. Simple & yet very personalized! This year, I will probably order these for our Hanukkah card. I love the beautiful but simple design and the fact that they are "folded" cards. It's also perfect for a family picture as well as one of just Adam.

I haven't decided yet what "happy holidays" card to get yet, but I'm thinking about ordering these. There are just too many cute designs to choose from!

Since they are so reasonably priced, I have also decided to buy matching address labels from Shutterfly this year to go along with the holidays stamps. Since they have a snow-y theme, I can use them all winter, too. =)

Now the tough part... I have to figure out which family photo to use. We had some photos taken this weekend at a "holiday event" during the train show. I really like how Steven & I look in this photo -- is there any way to digitally rearrange this photo so Adam would look up and smile?!?

Oh well, we will try again this weekend for another family shot. =)

You'll have to wait until our holiday cards come out to see it! I'll post one on the blog and I'll be happy to send your family one, too, if you leave your address in the comment section. =)

P.S. Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly - just click on the link for more information! =)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adam & Riley

One of Adam's very first friends was Miss Riley. Her mom, Molly, and I were in the same playgroup but had never met. She saw that I lived in the same neighborhood and that our kids were only a few weeks apart (gotta love online profiles!) so she contacted me. A quick friendship was formed between Molly & I and, of course, Adam & Riley. We used to hang out all.the.time when the kids were babies since we both had time off from work that "first year". Unfortunately, our schedules are opposite this year (we are both off 2 days a week - but not the same days!) so it's much harder to get together. When we are lucky enough to get together, though, it's like no time has passed - for our friendship and for the kids!

Back in the Day - Nov. 2007

Adam and Riley TODAY (well, last week)- Nov. 2010

We got together at a local park last Sunday and the kids had a blast playing together. It was so great to see them together again and to catch up with Molly. We always promise that we won't wait as long until our next playdate!

A new "friend" has also come along in the past year - Riley's adorable brother, Jude!
Molly & Jude. He is the same age now that Adam & Riley were when they met in Nov. 2007! He seems so little and they seemed so big at the time. Interesting, huh?

We are very happy to have Riley (and her own family) in our lives! =)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adam meets Cur.ious George (and Frog & Toad, too)!

Adam met his (well, our) favorite character at the JCC book fair this morning... Cur.ious George!!! He was very excited to meet CG as well as the infamous "Man with the Yel.low Hat"! As a special treat, Frog & Toad were also there to meet which was very cool since we started reading their book a few weeks ago (another favorite from my youth). Adam was his casual self when meeting the characters but he mentioned a few times today "Do you remember meeting Frog & Toad?" so that made it all worth it! Another bonus was that kids were supposed to come in their pajamas... love it!

Adam's face when seeing Cur.ious George walk in the room

Giving our favorite monkey a big hug

Giving Frog(or Toad?) some love

Meeting the illustrator of the "Dinosaur on ... (insert Jewish Holiday here)" books who was also at the book fair. He signed all 3 of Adam's book (2 which we purchased today; they are very cute).

Showing CG his new book as CG & friends were leaving the book fair

Last photo op!

Afterwards, we stopped by Car.toon Cuts in the mall so Adam could get a haircut (finally, I know, but I love his hair long)! Anyway, as you can see, it's very short (for Adam) but still cute... and it will grow back, right?!? =)
Showing off his new 'do (and his Le.go house)!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Adam's "OFFICIAL" Big Boy Bed!!!

Adam is officially sleeping in a BIG BOY (TWIN-SIZED) BED now!

Before he was in a toddler-sized bed which had been converted from his crib.
Bobbe & Zaide bought him a fantastic mattress that arrived 2 nights ago. He's had his best 2 nights of sleep in MONTHS. We are very excited about this!

Of course, the decor is Curi.ous Geo.rge who we both love. Adam especially loves the border that our dear friends, Christy & Travis, put around his window (they also set up his bed -- THANK YOU!!!). I also bought him a new book rack since his official bookshelf is in a little nook outside his room.

I love seeing my own little monkey sleeping so soundly in his new bed!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Close Encounters

Leesburg Animal Park and Pumpkinville