Friday, November 28, 2008

Adam is out of his teenage months!

That's right... Little Love turned 20 months today. Wow. I'm in a bit of denial so I think I'll wait until tomorrow to write more. However, I will say that Adam's favorite word at the moment is "NO" (As in -- Mama: "Adam, would you like to have a cracker? Adam -- NO!!!). Yep, he's definitely 20 months old now!!!

One more thing... You know all the wonderful Thanksgiving pics I was going to post today?!? Not going to happen since I accidentally deleted them all from my camera after I transferred them to my Shutterfly account! Grr! Those of you who would like to see the pictures, e-mail or leave a comment, and I'll send you a link to the Shutterfly account. I have the cutest pics of Adam & Cousin Claire together!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So very, very thankful...

We had such a lovely Thanksgiving at Cousin Paul, Jenn & Claire's house (wonderful company, delicious food, Adam had a blast -- we all did!) this year! I'm too exhausted to post photos now... I will tomorrow, though.

Just wanted to write a quick post on gratitude. I am so very thankful for being blessed with such incredible family & friends (you know who you are)! I'm also sending a special shout-out to Steven, my Mom (aka Grandma) and...

ADAM (big surprise, right?) -- my little love continues to bless us with so much love, smiles and laughter each & every day. How we got blessed with such an amazing & wonderful little boy, I'll never know (even though I secretly think my dad "up above" had something to do with that!). I thank G-d every day for our little miracle.

He also is, kana hura (as my mom would say), unbelievably adorable. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen... see picture below in his little Thanksgiving outfit. Is it too shallow to be thankful that your child is so doggone cute... look at those cheeks?!? :o)

Cousin Claire, looking adorable, as always

Adam LOVED playing in Claire's kitchen

We forgot Adam's PJs so he wore Claire's PINK ones!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Since Thanksgiving is upon us (is it just me, or did November FLY by?!?), I think that it is appropriate that Adam has learned to "give thanks". Sometimes he'll say "Thank You, Mama" or "Thank You, Dada" but usually he'll just say "Thanks". And he says it in a completely serious, grown-up voice, right on cue. It is hysterical. I'll hand him something and he'll go "Thanks" very casually, like he's 25 y.o. You have to actually hear him to understand how truly funny he sounds/is.

Adam wasn't saying "Thanks", however, at the grocery store this morning. When the cashier took away the electronic pen he was playing with, he stuck out his lip in the biggest (and cutest) pout you've ever seen. Of course, if *I* had taken the pen away, he would've started yelling and screaming. But since it was a stranger that took it away, he kept his cool... well, except for the poutm if course. This one random lady wanted to take a picture of him... he was *that* cute (unintentionally, of course)!

Grandma left for Florida this morning. Adam was so excited to play with her before she left on her trip. Here they are playing "See Saw" before we took her to the airport:

Adam absolutely adores Grandma. He always asks to "See Grandma" when we are at the computer (he loves looking at her pictures on the screen). We will definitely miss spending Thanksgiving with Grandma (and Bubbe & Zayde and all our Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins this year)! However, Adam is very excited (we all are!) about spending the day with Cousin Claire and other members of the R'sky clan!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

False Alarm

So, as you loyal readers know, I've been on pins & needles since Thursday night, thinking that my little love has MRSA -- the very serious form of staph. I made the mistake of reading an article on that was labeled "When a pimple turns out to be deadly"... referring to MRSA, of course. Yeah, that didn't send me into a little panic attack or anything. So, anyway, I call the pediatritions's office this morning to get the culture results and had to leave a message. I go to a 4th grade class to teach a lesson and come back to find a voicemail from the lab technician telling me that "the results are fine". Fine, as in my child isn't going to die of MRSA?!? So, I call right back just to get the message... again. Fortunately, the lab technician called back soon after to tell me, once again, that the results are fine... meaning everything came back NEGATIVE!!! No staph, no strep, no infection. YAHOO!!! What a nice surprise that was. Of course, not too happy that Adam's been on a super strong antibiotic since Thursday night, but what can you do? Also, if he didn't have a bacterial infection... what is it, then, that he has???

So, we went back to the Doctor to find out... our 3rd visit in 5 days! Yikes! The Dr. we saw (a new Dr.) said that he has a combination of mild exzema and dry skin. Fortunately, the whitehead/pimple things are clearing up so he said to stop the antibiotics. However, his foot is still a mystery... nobody seems to know what's on his foot. This Doctor, after exclaiming "How Mysterious... How Mysterious, Indeed" (helpful, Doc!) thinks that it's an irritation from something and should clear up in a week or two. We have to go back to the Dr. in a couple of weeks for Adam's 2nd flu shot so if it's still there then, we're going to get a referral to a dermatologist. In the meantime, he told us to put hydorcortisone 1% on his foot. However, after Steven talked to his Dad (a Dr.) I'm not sure I want to do that since it's a steroid. So we might just leave the foot alone until the next Dr.'s appt. and hope it clears on it's own.

Thanks again for everyone's supportive comments, emails, and calls!

Happy moment last night: the Redskins winning against the Seahawks! Go Skins! Adam can now sing "Hail to the Redskins"... that's my boy!!! Here he is, all happy after the victory:

Have a great week everyone!!! I'm off from work until next Monday!!! Yahoo!!! :o)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Midnight Adventure

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments and e-mails during Adam's (probable) staph infection. The craziest thing is that he's 100% "healthy looking and acting", besides the 4 little pimple-staph things, of course. Just to play it safe, though, we've kept him home for the past 2 days. Yesterday, I swear, we both went stir-crazy. Steven couldn't even walk in the living room when he got home. Every single toy was played with, every single book read (well, not really, but the favorites were) and every Barney On-Demand episode had been watched. This was the first time I think that Adam hadn't left the house in a year! Fortunately, Grandma came over in the AM which made Adam (and me!) so happy. I was a little nervous about him taking his antibiotic as he had screamed/spit it out when we tried to give it to him. We had to mix it in with cake frosting (the nurse's suggestion) in the AM which worked but was a huge mess. Fortunately, by dose 2, he took it mixed in with his formula in a bottle. I *knew* there was a reason he was still on bottles (Yes, we plan for him to be OFF the bottle and "Next Step" formula by age 2. Really). Anyway, we made it through the day and it was really nice to have such quality time with my Little Love.

We noticed on Thursday night that LL had some type of raised skin/bumps on the bottom of his feet. It was (is) really strange looking and my mom kinda freaked out when she saw it. So I took him back to the doctor (well, it was the nurse practitioner) this morning to see what it was. She thinks it is part of the staph infection and just looks different since he's walking on it. She also thinks that the pimples/staph infection is clearing up -- YAY!!! -- which means it's probably not MRSA since it seems to be responding to the antibiotic. Of course that made me feel much better but I won't be able to completely relax until the culture results come back okay on Monday.

The rest of the day was fine... just took it easy and relaxed which is what we wanted after the week we had! Adam went to bed at 8 am and slept peacefully until midnight when I heard him coughing. He was coughing for about 10 minutes so I went in to check on him. He immediately sat up, coughed, and looked for his Doggies. WHO WERE IN THE DRYER!!! AAGH!!! We took them to wash after he fell asleep. Needless to say, he NOTICED and was HYSTERICAL yelling for "Doggy". I gave him Big Doggy (see photo below) but he wanted "The Other Doggy" (see singular Doggy in pic below, the original and his favorite one). He was so upset that I took him downstairs and held him while the Doggy finished drying. He fell back asleep almost immediately on me.

Mama's Little Love. Oh, just in case you noticed, I do NOT have a mustache -- it's some weird shadow thing on the side of my lip and under my chin. Also, if you look closely, you can see one of the staph pimples on Adam's wrist. This is the one the Dr. cultured. As you can see, it's almost gone. Thank G-d!

Of course, when the doggies had finished drying, we brought him back upstairs. He fell right back asleep in his crib without even mentioning Doggy. After all that! Well, it was nice cuddle time with him. Can you believe he'll be 20 months next week! OMG! He looks like a little infant sleeping on me, doesn't he? Oh, how I adore my little love!!!

#1 Doggy

All the doggies. We need to invest in some Gund stock!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

LL's first infection :o(

Little Love has two little "pocks" (they look like whiteheads) -- one on his wrist and one on his thigh. Long story short... took him to the Dr. and he has strep or, more likely, staph. Just that word freaks me out. Adam has never had more than a runny nose in over 19 months and now he probably has a f'ing staph infection. I'm so upset. He's on antibiotics -- which he hates -- and the Dr. said we should see improvement in a day or two. If not, he needs to go back in. Of course, there is always the fear that it's MRSA -- the type of staph that is very difficult to treat. The Dr. took a culture and we'll find out on Monday what it is. We have no idea how he got this... maybe school? Or he was scratchng his exzema patch on his leg? Who knows. At least he's very happy... it doesn't seem to be bothering him in the least. I'm just hoping it clears up asap so we can put this behind us. Poor Litte Love.

In other upsetting news... I hit a deer the other night. So traumatizing. The deer didn't go through the windshield, at least. Over $3 grand in damages -- good thing we have great car insurance so we only have to pay a $250 deductible. And, thank G-d, neither Adam or I were hurt in the collision.

I try not to post about upsetting things but I'm really feeling the stress. I'm glad the weekend is almost upon us so we can all -- hopefully -- rest and relax.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun at the At Play Cafe

A new "play cafe" opened up (relatively) near us about six months ago. It is wonderful! They have two play areas for the kids and a cute little cafe with very kid-friendly food and prices. Yesterday I met up with some wonderful friends there and we all had such a nice time. Here are some pics of Adam & his pals playing:

Popping out of the firehouse... about to go down the big slide (LL's favorite)!

Adam playing with his favorite, blocks

Adam loved this baseball hoop -- mainly playing in it, though!

Adam and Nathan playing with the dinosaurs

Kid line-up! Tomas, Addie, and Adam eating chicken quesadillas & applesauce. Yum!

Addie & Adam after they "high 5ed". I think Adam has a litle crush on Addie since he blushed, giggled, and turned away every time their hands touched. Awww.

We also had a delightful surprise visit from Liz and her one-week-old newborn, Andrew. I have never seen a woman look so good 7 days after giving birth!
Introducing Adorable Andrew!

Andrew's big sis, Amazing Asha!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A boy & his dogs (in doggy PJs, of course)

a rare quiet moment

Things have been crazy busy around here again. The good news is that Adam is very happy at school again. Yay! We were really getting concerned there but for the past 2 weeks he's been "himself" again... happy and talkative. It must have been the fluid in his ears/allergies that were bothering him. The Dr. said they would clear up during the first freeze. Looks like he was right.

Too tired to write any more tonight... will post an entry on Adam's new favorites soon. One of his new phrases, which he says perfectly in context, is "OH, SHOOT"! Yeah, at least it's shoot and not another word. Guess we really DO need to watch what we say around here. More tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Boy

Had an impromptu photo session with Adam today. Here are some of the winners:

This little boy rocks our world. He is the cutest, sweetest, smartest, & funniest little person we've ever met. Of course, you know, parents are the most unbiased sources, too. We just adore our Little Love more & more each day! :o)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dr. visit, Aunt Christioli, School & other LL updates...

It has been quite busy over here with Little Love! Here's what's been going on...

Doctor Visit:
Adam finally had his 18 month check-up (5 weeks late!!!). The Doctor was very pleased with his "overall growth & development". He weighs about 23.5 lbs (around the 15th%ile -- the Dr. was thrilled -- seriously!), is about 33 inches long (50th %ile) and his head is also in the 50th%ile. The Dr. says he speaks like a 2.5 year old since he knows over 150 words and is saying 2-3 word phrases now. Motor skills are right on target, too. Needless to say, I was very relieved with this report since I get (unnecessarily) anxious before his check-ups. He still has a little fluid in his ears but it's clearing up. Just to be on the safe side (since he stills pulls on his ear a bit and is still shaking his head sometimes -- for no apparent reason), we are going to put him back on Allegra until "the first freeze" since he may have some allergies. All in all, a good visit, Thank G-d!!! :-)

School Talk:
We *think* Adam has gotten over his rough patch at school. For the past few weeks, LL has been unhappy at "work", as he calls it. Miss Annie reports that he had been up & down all day, quite clingy, teary and much quieter than usual. Also, when I would pick him up he kinda seemed out of it (probably tired since he doesn't nap much there). Steven and I were getting *very* concerned especially since he's 100% himself when he's not at school. Fortunately, he finally had a good week at school last week. Never had I felt so joyful to see the words "happy" and "chatty" circled on his daily report (instead of "tired" and "teary". Ugh). We are keeping our fingers crossed that LL will continue to have good days at school.

Visit with Aunt Christioli:
Aunt Christy came for a visit this weekend! We were all so happy to see her, especially Adam. Of course, it did't hurt that she arrived with gifts (an awesome car race track & crayons -- Adam loved both!). Aunt Christy and I have been the best of friends since our college days. As a mother of 3 adorable children (including 3 yr. old twin boys!!!) she is amazing with Adam. Boy, does he listen to her! She is truly a SuperMama!!! We're so glad that we were able to spend 4 days with her. Come back soon, Aunt Christiolialaschmala!!!

Adam, about to fall asleep, on Aunt Christioli... he really loved her.

We also attended family brunch with some friends from my Mom's group on Saturday, which was delightful.
Reading with Tomas and Tomas' Dad, Paul

Adam surveying the scene at the family brunch.

Adam with his new vaccum... thanks to Tomas' Uncle for the great hand-me-down! :)

Grandma bought Adam these adorable pajamas since they have "doggy" on them:
LL actually posed for this picture! Look at that laugh!

Reading with Doggy in Doggy Pajamas... what could be better?!? :-)

Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Grandma's Home!!!

Grandma's back from Spain! Yahoo! She had a wonderful and brought lovely gifts for us all (Thanks, Mom). Adam asked for her every single day since she's been gone and ran to her at the airport. Too cute. They are going to have a "Grandma & Adam" day tomorrow. Yay! Welcome home, Grandma (Mom)! We missed you so much but are glad you had a great time... and back home! It truly wasn't the same without you! :o)