Sunday, July 11, 2010

D.C. Tourist =)

I promised I would blog a lot once I was on summer vacation! =) Here's another post that I should've written back in late May when we went Downtown to the Mall/Smithson.ian. We took a Metro to the Smithson.ian stop which is significant b/c it's at that Metro stop that Steven and I first met... on a blind date, almost 11 years ago (awww)!

We took Adam to the History Museum (his first museum visit!) and he really enjoyed it. We went to the butterfly exhibit, dinosaur exhibit (of course) and the sea life exhibit. Adam also saw his 1st IM.AX film, in 3D, no less. It was about the ocean and he was mesmerized. Here are some pics from our adventure in Downtown DC (only about a 30 minute ride away):

Adam was on the Metro once before, 2 years ago. As you can see, he really enjoyed it now!

See the Washingt.on Mon.ument in the background?

In awe of all the butterflies


Adam, trying to catch a butterfly (as you can see, he followed the directions NOT to touch a butterfly to the tee, haha). He was really gentle, at least!

Love this photo; too bad it came out all funky

1st IM.AX -- 3D! Glasses were a *bit* too big but if he sat absolutely still, they stayed on =)

dinosaur bones... or maybe a big lobster???

Under the Sea...

Besides running around the Mall, jumping in puddles like a little madman afterwards, he was a wonderful little tourist. =)
***On a side note, I have started a new blog regarding my journey in "getting healthier"... if interested, leave me a comment, and I'll send you the links. Thanks! =)***


Fighting Mama said...

What a fun spring and summer you guys have had so far! Your guy is just so precious - thanks for sharing all your fun.

And yes, please send me the link to your new blog.

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Beth! I would love to read too. Please send me the link.