Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Adam-isms

Adam talk today:

-- i was sound asleep, he came in with steven and kissed me. steven said "don't wake up mommy" and adam said "i have to. she's my best friend! she's my best friend!" never heard that before!

-- "stop picture-ing me!" when i kept taking his picture (i think that's what he said?)

--- when we were looking for a bathroom... "there are no bathrooms here - you told me that in the car, mama, remember?"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- new sleeping position

This is how I found Adam SOUND SLEEP the other night:

And Steven wonders why I check on him every night before I go to bed!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! =)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Adam at 3 years & (almost) 2 months

Adam continues to amaze us every day. I refer to him as "personality plus -- both good & bad" since he is so incredibly strong-willed, curious and spirited. Fortunately, he is a very happy little guy -- as long as he's getting his way. If he's not, all heck breaks lose.... just as it has since his first temper tantrum at 7(or was it 9?) months old!!! There is never a dull moment with Little Love around!

Here's what our little guy is up to these days:

Playing: Adam continues to be interested in a wide assortment of activities. He still enjoys playing by himself. He especially likes to cook in his kitchen, play with his trains or turcks, and write (especially letters). He recently has begun to also take care of his doggies. He likes to feed, burp, rock and put them down for a nap. He has officially named Big Doggy "Ruff!" and his baby doll (yes, he has a baby doll... I bought it for him about a year ago and he has recently taken an interest in it) "Yoke". He really likes naming things these days with his absolute favorite name being MAX. I think it's from "Max and" since he enjoys that show. Besides the common name of Max, he makes up the most random, nonsensical names for people. They usually have a German or Dutch sound like "Yogelshwawa" or something... it's truly hilarious. If you ask him to repeat the name he'll reply "I already told you!" I told you -- personality plus, that kid!
Adam's signature... and self-portrait =)

Adam also loves playing with other children, including our 5.5-year-old neighbor, Tara. It's so sweet since they started playing together 2 years ago. Now she'll even knock on the door sometimes and ask if Adam can play. She's very patient with him and he just loves her. He has also started interacting (cooperatively play) with the other kids during playdates. We hung out with Riley and Sean the other week and they had a great time together. Last week, we had a playdate with Sarah (and baby Ella) and Adam & Sarah held hands going down the slides together. It's so funny hearing him talk to other kids. He can get silly... purposely bumping into his friends... guess it's a boy thing?!? Regardless, it's really fun watching him interact & talk with other little people. =)
Playdate with Sarah

Of course, Adam still loves sports, running around, etc. And music. and TV. He's truly a Renaissan.ce Kid!

Potty Training: Besides sleeping, Adam is 98% potty trained. He's been 100% potty trained (including naps!) at school for months now. He's great about letting us know when he has to go potty and is beginning to use the potty in public places (ugh... I always have potty protectors). However, if I put him in a pull-up (in the fear that he'll have an accident when we're out), he will not go in the potty -- only in the pull-up. He usually doesn't have accidents, either... but traffic in D.C. isn't always the greatest and little ones can only hold it for so long. Any suggestions???

Eating: Adam eats pretty well, for the most part. He usually eats a decent breakfast and dinner... but a very small lunch. His teachers at school have recently been very upset about him not eating much at lunch. I have to remind them "not to force him" and that he's never been a huge eater. His 3-year-old check-up isn't for another month... he looks like he weighs around 30-ish pounds...I try not to stress too much about what he eats (or doesn't eat) these days. Fortunately, he still drinks milk (even "plain milk") so that helps with the calories. He eats all the toddler staples -- chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta, yogurt (in the tube), fruit (loves fruit), etc. He doesn't like to try too many othnew foods, though. He LOVES breads & sweets... definitely got my sweet tooth/fondness for carbs. The only time he'll really sit still and "nicely eat" is when he's eating dessert!!!
Finding a quiet spot to enjoy his ice-cream cone =)

Our little braniac: Adam continues to to be a chatterbox, like his mama. =) He loves to "read" books... creating stories from the pictures. He has quite the imagination! He also will amaze us with his knowledge. Last night he was stalling going to bed and asked for water. When we said we had to check if we had any, he said "You do... you have filtered water. Water comes from the tube(?) into the cup". Steven and I looked at each other in shock... filtered water? Really? I didn't even know of the term until I was in my 20's! He also mentioned how something had "energy" the other day. Looks like they really DO teach the kids science at his school, haha.

Our little sweetheart: Recently Adam has been giving us tons of hugs and REAL actual kisses several times a day. He's also saying "I love you, Mommy" or "I love you, Daddy" all day long. If he does something wrong he'll say "I'm sorry" and "Don't be sad". Of course, he still has temper tantrums (much less, thank goodness!) and then a whole other side comes out (beware!!!)... but, fortunately, he's usually our amazing Little Love.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adam meets!

We went to Place in PA last weekend and had the most fabulous time! Here are a few pics of Adam meeting and Big Bi.rd... too cute! Lots of more pics to be posted this weekend so be on the look-out! =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Down on the Farm

Uncle Steven & Aunt Elizabeth came for a visit from CA last week! It was wonderful seeing them... my brother and I even took a road trip to H'burg, VA together and hung out with Craig, an old friend. Good times.

On Saturday, we all headed out to a local farm where they have strawberry picking... and wine tasting... along with lots of animals, tractors for the kids, etc. Here are some pics from our day "down by the farm":

One last tickle session from Uncle Steven:

It was a beautiful day! More posts to come later this week!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Uncle Steven! Happy Birthday, Uncle Joey!

Dear Uncle Steven & Uncle Joey,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you both had a fabulously fun day! Uncle Steven, I can't wait for you to arrive on Wednesday -- I'm ready for a great tickle session & hopefully some tennis! Uncle Joey, I know you were just here one month ago -- but I'm already ready for another visit!!!

I've always loved you both... even though it's hard to tell when I was snoozing -- hey, I was only 1 week old -- give a guy a little credit:

However, we do have more fun together now:

Happy Birthday, Uncle Steven! Happy Birthday, Uncle Joey!

Love you both... so much! XOXOXOOXOXOOXO