Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend (in LOTS of photos)!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! The weather was great (HOT!) and it was nice having so much time together. Here are some highlights from our weekend:

On Saturday night, we went to Grandma's House for a BBQ. Grandma set up my childhood table for Adam to draw on (his new favorite thing):

Adam loves to "write"!

Drawing "happy faces" on his "new" table (which used to be mine!) on Grandma's deck before our yummy BBQ dinner

Adam loved this new mouse that Grandma bought him (years ago, before he was even born, in Prague!)

On Sunday, we drove to Baltimore to visit the Port Discovery Children's Museum. Adam had a good time exploring all the different stations:
All Aboard!

Favorite place to be: the ball pit!

Adam loved diving into the ball pit!

He's ready to surf!


Shooting a "water gun". The ball pit and the waterworks place were Adam's favorite parts of the museum. He was literally kicking & screaming when we had to leave the water guns... he loved shooting them (maybe a little too much?!? -- such a boy)!

Next up... the diner where Adam got to "cook" and "wash the dishes"

Bringing Mama & Daddy a croissant... my favorite!

Counting his money... they learn quick! :o)
Building a house with Daddy

Purchasing gas at the convenience store/gas station

Fill'er Up!

Since Cousins Paul & Jenn only live 30 minutes away from the museum, we stopped by their house for dinner. Of course, Adam loved playing with Cousin Claire! We also got to see Uncle Morty & Aunt Elaine which was a special treat.
Eating dinner with Cousin Claire (more Adam & Claire pics in the last blog post). It was impossible to get a decent pic of both kids!

All weekend, Steven has been waiting to take Adam to the SWIMMING POOL! We finally got to go this morning. Adam loved swimming so I'm sure we will be visiting the pool lots & lots this summer!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Special Shout-Out to Mom who won the neighborhood tennis tournament today! You Go, Grandma!!! :o)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kissin' Cousins

We had a great time in Baltimore today at the Children's Museum. Afterwards, we went over to Cousin Claire's house for dinner. It was wonderful seeing Cousin Claire, Cousins Paul & Jenn, Uncle Morty, Aunt Elaine and Claire's Ma-Ma (Great GrandMother). What a treat seeing everyone!

Adam and Claire had an especially good time together. Adam just kept laying the kisses on her...

Adam, reaching in for the smooch
If possible, click for an up-close view of this pic. I love their expressions here!

They were beyond cute together and played so nicely!

More pics from our Baltimore trip tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend. We're headed to the pool in the morning! :o)

Monday, May 18, 2009

200th Post!!!

I'm in somewhat disbelief that this is my 200th Post! When I started this blog back in February 2008, I barely even knew what a blog was. I love Glamour Magazine and I stumbled along the "Storked!" Blog online and loved reading about another new mama's journey. Before I knew it, I was following a few Mama blogs on-line. A few months later, Adam's Aunt Christioli and I started talking about how we rarely get to see photos of each other's kiddos and that we should each start a blog. I didn't think I would be able to... I'm so NOT computer-savvy. I remember googling "starting a blog" (seriously) and logging onto Blogger. The rest, as they say, is cyber-history. :o) I absolutely love blogging (this is Adam's on-line baby & toddler book!) and it's so fun to look back at the past 15 months since I've started this blog. It's also been helpful... for example, when Adam got sick this weekend, I could look back to see when he was sick before and what his symptoms were, etc. The unexpected "perk" of blogging is all the friends I've made through my blog. I adore my fellow blogging Mamas and love reading about their journeys through motherhood... and seeing their adorable tots, too! :o) I am SO thankful for my blog readers** and fellow blog writers!
** Speaking of which, if you are a fellow blog reader and have never left a comment, now's the time to de-lurk! :o) Just click on comments (under the last sentence) and you can do so! Would love to see who's reading about Little Love these days! :o)

Now for some fun.... here are the photos from the first blog post (there's a link to the actual post, too):

1st Post -- Feb. 19, 2008 -- 10 months old. From "Curious Adam"

And here is Little Love today (well, yesterday... May 17, 2009 -- 25 months old):

The cool thing is that this photo was taken at the exact spot of the one from the 1st post (the picture of Adam pulling Steven's leg -- see above). Guess he has grown! :o)
Thank you, Adam, for being the most Amazing Little Love. You bring endless joy & laughter to our lives everyday and always give me plenty to blog about! Hey, this blog wouldn't be possible without wonderful & incredible YOU! :o)
Mama loves you "SO MUCH" (with all my heart)! XOXO

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Much better ??? (UPDATED)

Fortunately, Adam's fever did not return today (Thank you, G-d). It may have reached around 99 at one point, but that was it. He was about 50% himself today. He took a huge nap (4 hours probably b/c he only slept about 8 hours last night, b/c of the ER), refused to eat anything except a few bites of bagel and 1 Pediasure, and was extremely irritable after his nap. Besides that, though, he was very happy and energetic. We had a ton of "quality time" together as a family, which is always nice. I am really hoping (obviously) that his appetite is back tomorrow and that he's 100%. Thanks for all the kind comments on the blog and on my Facebook page! It means a lot!

UPDATE: Within 5 minutes of writing this post, Adam woke up and started crying for me. He was crying like he was in pain (I'm thinking his stomach? or ears?). We've been taking turns holding him for the past hour (with him trying to sleep in between and waking up screaming after a few minutes). This is very unusual for him. Let's hope he falls asleep soon and sleeps peacefully through the night. Poor Little Love. :(

Cautiously Hopeful (if that is even a phrase)...

UPDATE: Adam woke up crying a few times last night but felt cool each time (Yay)! He woke up at 7:50, crying for apple juice, which he quickly drank. The best news: He doesn't feel hot!!! Thank You, G-d!!! He doesn't feel super-cool but definitely not hot and not really warm either. He hates having his temp taken so we're going to hold off unless he starts feeling warm. My guess is that he has a very slight fever, maybe 99 or 99.5. He's acting pretty much like himself (he's eating a muffin and drinking). Slightly less energetic than usual but not lethargic (knock on wood)! He had a big burst of energy when playing with Elmo and even started dancing & laughing with him (so cute)! So I'm feeling cautiously hopeful at this point. I'll update again tonight for those following closely (Hi, Uncle Steven.... will call you in a few hours since it's only 6:30 in CA)!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adam's 1st trip to the ER

So... we just got back from the ER (as in Emergency Room) with Adam. Doctor thinks he'll be just fine, it's just a nasty virus. In case you were wondering (and I doubt you were) here is a timeline of the events of the last 24 hours (I'm really writing this more so I can remember, so I totally understand if nobody is interested in reading the oh-so-lovely details):

2 AM -- Heard Adam moving around and kinda moaning in his sleep. Went in and he wanted to be held and sang to (which is unusual since he usually just wants to go right back to sleep... or have chocolate milk). Felt that he was unusually warm and took his temp. He had a low grade fever and I gave him some infant tylenol (which he HATES) and he went back to sleep. Oh, if memory serves correct (it was 2AM!), Adam said "ear hurts". Hmm.

7 AM -- Adam woke up and felt warm. He had a fever (again) with no other symptoms. Gave him children's motrin (I think it was motrin & not tylenol). Once the motrin hit, he was acting relatively fine. I decided to take him to CVS's Minute Clinic in case it was an ear infection (the clinic is 2 minutes away and my insurance covers it -- it's only a $10 co-pay). His fever had totally broken by the time we got there. His ears looked a little red but the Nurse Practitioner thought it was just a virus. She said to bring him back in if his fever goes up to 102 or if it seems like he's feeling worse.

Well, by the time we left the clinic he was feeling 100% -- very happy and playful. Not much of an appetite but he did drink some milk. He continued to do well until 1pm when his fever returned (around 101, I think -- can't remember though). Steven gave him some tylenol and he fell asleep around 1:30.

3 PM -- Adam woke up crying after only 90 minutes of sleeping (when he usually sleeps for 3 hours at home). He felt REALLY WARM. Which was strange b/c he had only taken tylenol about 2 hours before. His fever went up & up... he tugged on his ears... we took him back to the Minute Clinic, as advised. His fever was 102.8(!!!) at this point. We forced-fed him Motrin and it took a LOOOONG time for his fever to break -- about 2 hours time (even though it did go down a little bit 30 minutes after the dose). Once his fever broke (or almost broke -- it was 99.5), he was HAPPY... especially since Grandma was here. Oh, should also mention that the NP said at the clinic if his fever rises rapidly after 4 hours of the motrin, I should call his pediatrition (sp.?) on call.

So, Adam was happy and playful from 4 till about 8 pm when his fever returned!!! It started at about 101.5... called the NP "on call" at the ped.'s office and was told to give him tylenol, which we did at 8:30 (his temp. was 102.5 at this point). Was told the tylenol should "kick" in after 20-30 minutes.

9 PM (35 minutes after the Tylenol was given) -- Temp was 102.6 (did not break AT ALL)! Left message for the nurse to call around 9:20 -- at this time it had been 50 minutes since he had taken the Tylenol (and almost 6 hours since the Motrin) and his temperature was 103.1! Also saw a small rash in his inner thigh at this time.

9:30 PM -- Nurse called back. Said to take him in to the ER since the tylenol did not break his fever and he had a rash.

9:35 -- Steven, Mom, Adam and I head to the ER. Adam eats raisins on the way and feels somewhat cooler by the time we arrive.

10 PM -- Arrive at the ER. Adam heads straight to the "kid's area" and plays with the fire truck. Also announces that the stuffed Clifford the Red Dog was "happy". Very good signs.

10:15 PM -- Nurse weighs him (26 lbs. with clothes and full diaper -- so probably 25 lbs. which shows a little weight gain. Yay!). Nurse takes his vitals. Pulse is a little high (130) but she said it's due to the fever. Oxygen rate is perfect. Takes his temp... 100.8!!! What a relief!!! She gives him Motrin, though (wow, was that a scene... I think it took 4 of us holding him down to take it).

10:45 PM -- Doctor checks LL out. Fever totally broken by now (or at least it feels that way -- his forehead is nice & cool). He's very irritable, though (very tired). Long story short... Doctor said one of his ears looks a little irritated... but thinks it's just a virus. Rash looks like a skin infection (and not, G-d forbid, meningitis). Rules out the oh-so-lovely swine flu since he hasn't been coughing. Overall, thinks he's okay... just a virus... should be better in a few days. Alternate motrin and tylenol for the fever. Sent us home (which is good as Adam is screaming "Go home. Go to the car"). Adam is happy on the way out when he sees another Clifford the dog with a little stuffed bear next to him (and a cast on Clifford's foot). Holds the bear and screams when I take it... nurse says he can keep it (never a dull moment, I tell ya). Adam falls asleep within 4 minutes of getting into the car. Has been asleep ever since. Will check him again in an hour (every hour, I'm sure).

Soooo.... that was our day. How was yours? Ah, the joys of daycare. Will report back tomorrow with an update. Let's hope it's short & sweet and that LL is doing much better.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable & HEALTHY weekend. xoxo.

P.S. Dana, if you're reading this, we are so sorry that we had to miss Mighty Max's birthday party today! Please give Max lots of germ-free kisses from us! Also, Sue, we're sorry that we have to miss your graduation party tomorrow. Congrats from all of us!

*** Footnote... Technically, this wasn't Adam's first time in the ER since he had to go with me when Steven had kidney stones last summer. However, this was his first (and, G-d willing, last) time as a patient there.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New toys

This past week has flown by. I've been really swamped at work and even had to go in today for a meeting (I'm usually off on Tues. & Thurs.). I feel really guilty since I only had minimal time with Adam this week. I'm afraid he's noticed since he said "No Mama, Bye Bye Mama" when I went to tuck him in tonight (he only wanted Daddy). Hopefully we'll have quality time together this weekend. I miss my Little Love.

Speaking of which, here's what has kept LL busy this past week:

New awesome water table! He LOVES it (shocker)!

30 Minutes later, Adam is STILL at the water table...

Adam received tons of cool play-doh gifts for his birthday. I was able to find this sweet little Play-doh table on Craig's List for only 5 bucks...

Recently, Adam has taken a real liking for "Big Doggy". In the past, he's always preferred "Original Doggy" and "Baby Doggy". Even though he still loves them, he has been particularly drawn to the big guy this week. He even asked to sleep with him last night:
Don't worry... once Adam was asleep, Big Doggy went back to the Doghouse! :o)

Here is Mama's (my) new "toy" aka Mother's Day Gift:
It's too nice to use!

Hope everyone is having a great week. I am singing TGIF as I write this!!! :o)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! XOXO

Spending the day with my 2 of my favorite people... MY Mama (Grandma) and My Little Love. What could be better than that?!?

We had a great brunch at Artie's complete with Mimosas & Bloody Marys... & balloons! :o)


This was my 3rd Mother's Day as a Mama (Adam was only about 6 weeks old during the first one!) It just keeps getting better and better... despite the fact that I look like I'm going to eat my child in this pictures! He is delicious, I have to say! :o)



Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scenes from a Meltdown

I know it's not nice but I can't help laughing every time I see these pics! Adam doesn't have full-blown-out temper tantrums that often (only when he's really tired) so I just had to "document" one. Don't get me wrong, he lets you know when he doesn't like something ("No Like It"!) but his tantrums are more the physical kind (throwing, hitting, etc.) and not the all-out-crying kind. As you can see from above, last night was an exception. Why was he crying, you ask? Because we wouldn't let him play with the matches at our Shabbat Dinner. Terrible, I know.

Happy Mother's Day.. more on that, of course, on Sunday night... with, hopefully, happier photos. :o)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moments Like These

I am still learning how to be a Mama. Some days are really tough (such as yesterday -- non-stop tantrums) and other days just flow. I'm learning to pay attention to Adam's needs. He yearns for & craves independence (aka "Adam Do It") -- he likes to be in control. He also likes to feel respected, much like an adult does. For example, if you just take a toy from him, he'll scream. However, if you tell him to put it somewhere, he'll usually do so without a fuss. Adam loves the simple things.... going with Daddy (he's saying Daddy or DeeDee more often, instead of just Dada) to get the mail, watching Mama cook (I'm still Mama or MeeMee, not Mommy, most of the time), helping Mama vacuum, etc. He also loves going to his Mommy & Me classes... Gymboree especially. If I pay attention to his needs (especially when he's hungry, tired, thirsty aka temper-tantrum prone), he behaves beautifully (usually). It's just a non-stop learning process.

Adam certainly did NOT get his love for vacuuming from me!

I love being with Adam. He is the funniest person I've ever met. And he doesn't even try to be. :o) I enjoy him oh so much. However, I'm finding myself missing him as a baby, if that makes sense. Those sweet, tender moments when he was just a little guy. I see newborn clothes and I want to buy them... especially the clothes at Gymboree and Nordstrom's. I wish I could do it again. With him. Knowing what I know now. I spent way too much time worrying when he was a newborn/infant (okay, I still worry too much now... but I have come a long way. Really.) Fortunately, though, I can say that I did enjoy him as an infant, I always have adored him. It would have been impossible not to. Time marches on so fast (the most-true cliche, isn't it?!?). Some days (especially mornings) can go by so sloooowly but the weeks and months just keep marching on. I'm still in shock that it's May! I am trying to savor the moments more, to be more patient, to be calmer and more gentle. To take it all in.

Speaking of sweet moments...

Tonight I read Adam a new book that he received for his birthday, "Bear Snores On". He loved it. So much so, apparently, that he crawled up into my lap and gave me a huge hug after I read the book. It was like he was so happy and appreciative that I read him that book. After that we played in his room for a bit -- he loves playing with his cash registar (another b-day gift) and puzzles. At one point, I left his room and he ran to close his door yelling "Bye Bye Mama! See you later!" and was giggling up a storm when I ran back in (before he could lock the door). It was so cute. He also loves his daddy and loves to cuddle with him and hear stories about Daddy's dogs (from his childhood), Patches & Louie. Adam especially loves the parts where Patches run aways and Louie pees and poos on the carpet! He's such a boy!

Adams usually gets sleepy when the 3 of us lie on the floor together. We sing our songs and tell him stories. Usually within a few minutes, he's ready to go to his crib (or "Go to sleep" as he says). He goes straight to his corner, grabs a few (or all) of his doggies and sticks his tush up in the air. And, every night, when I tuck him in, he says "Bye Bye Mama... So Much" (which means "I love you so much"). And then I say "I love you soooo much because you're..." and he replies "Mama's Love".

Ahh... these are the moments that I treasure with my Little Love.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle Steven! Happy Birthday, Uncle Joey!

Dear Uncle Steven & Uncle Joey,

Happy Birthday!!! It's so cool that both of Mama's brothers were born on the same day -- 12 years apart!!!

Hope you both have a fabulous day. Wish we there to celebrate with you... but we'll see you in July. Can't wait.

Love you both sooooo much!!!

P.S. I know I'm sleeping here but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday 1st thing on May 3rd! Look at my sign by my head! :o)

Adam meeting Uncle Steven at 1 week old :)

Adam and Uncle Steven in December in Palm Springs

Adam meeting Uncle Joey at 1 week old :)

Adam and Uncle Joey in December in Palm Springs

Singling "Happy Birthday" to Uncle Steven & Uncle Joey!