Monday, July 5, 2010

Annual Summer Birmingham Visit (with lots of photos)!

For the past 3 years, we have taken Adam to Birmingham for a few days each summer. Each visit consists of a trip to the zoo, visits with Bobbe & Zaide's lovely friends (Shirley, Pam, Arlene & Chita) and lots of wonderful quality time with Bobbe & Zaide. We added the science center/children's museum and the pool to our annual visits last year, too. I love being in Birmingham and after visiting there for 10 years now, it feels like home to me, too. Of course, Adam had a BLAST being with Bobbe & Zaide. I don't think I've ever heard him laugh so much!

Adam went swimming 3 days in a row with Zaide. He LOVED jumping from the side into the boat... made him laugh every single time. He finally had the courage to "swim" on the "third step" by his 3rd time in B & Z's pool. Here are some pool pics:

Adam had a good time at the science museum, the Center. It reminds me of a science children's museum since most of the exhibits are kid-friendly. Adam's favorite thing was petting a (very small) shark with Daddy (it was also very frustrating for him.... he would whine every time the sharks didn't go towards him!). He also liked digging for dinosaur bones and participating in some of the attractions:

Adam's visit to the zoo this year was especially magical since he went on his first camel ride AND was able to feed a bird! Unfortunately, I had a terrible toothache that morning so I wasn't able to see it. Fortunately, Steven took some great pictures:

The rest of the time was spent playing and hanging out with B & Z. Adam started each morning watering Bobbe's plants and feeding the kitties with Zaide:

Other cool activities included cruising in the tricycle, playing soccer, reading with B & Z and seeing his first "real" movie, Toy Sto.ry 3! He literally sit silent, like a statue, throughout the entire movie. I'm not sure how much he liked it, though -- didn't talk about it too much, afterwards. I'm sure most of it went over his head. Good movie, though. He also learned to play ping pong and spent lots of hours playing. He actually has a pretty decent serve!

I think one of Adam's favorite moment was when he invented the "green ball book game". Adam would take a green ball and place it in the middle of a book and very solemnly ask Zaide to read the book to him. When the ball fell out, he went HYSTERICAL LAUGHING... it was so funny how he kept cracking himself up! =)

What a fun time in Birmingham we all had! Thank you for the wonderful visit, Bobbe & Zaide! See you next summer, Birmingham!

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E. from Pot o' Gold said...

I'm jealous that Adam got to ride a camel. How cool!!