Saturday, August 28, 2010

Future Model?

The picture above of Adam riding Pete the Pony was taken at the Riding Fair in June 2010. Since then, it has been published in the Riding Magazine TWICE. First it was shown in the July edition when they showed about 10 pics from the event. Tonight, Steven showed me the September edition of the magazine and the picture (even bigger now!) is shown again as part of the "summer highlights pictures"!

We didn't even know that someone was taking his photo that night!

Hmm... wondering who we should send his modeling bill to! =)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Look! I've Grown!"

Adam is very "big" on telling us how much he's grown each day (no pun intended)! =)

Almost every morning he'll stretch his arms up really high and excitedly exclaim "Look! I've grown! I'm almost as big as you, Mommy!" (um... not quite!)

Then he'll tell me how he ate and slept and that's why he's grown (wonder where he got that from?!?). As you can imagine, he loves measuring himself on his growth chart. I picked him up the other day so he would be even taller!:

I just love my "Big Boy" so very much!

On another note, I'm headed back to work today after a glorious 2 months off! Summer break is, indeed, a HUGE benefit of being in education. Since I've always been in education (as a student, teacher or school counselor), I've never NOT had the summer off... and I hope to keep it that way! =)

I'm a little sad about not seeing Adam in the mornings that I work (T, Th & Fr after this week). For the past few months, he has crawled into our bed between 6:30 - 7:30, snuggled against me, and fallen back asleep for another hour or two. It's a nice way to wake up, with his warm little body (complete with his hands holding a doggy or two!)cuddled up to me every morning.

Adam sound asleep in Mommy & Daddy's bed (photo taken in June).

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hangin' with the Cousins

We had THE BEST TIME hanging out with the L-Man crew last weekend! Jake, Zach and Evan are such INCREDIBLE cousins... I'm in awe when I see them interact with their little cousin, Adam. They are so playful & fun yet gentle & protective of him... they are so very precious. During the 48 hours that they were in town, the boys played & played... amazingly, Adam did a pretty decent job keeping up with them!

On Friday night, we had a late Shab.bat dinner (pizza) and the boys reunited:
The cousins having lighting the Shab.bat candles (open your eyes, Adam)!

Enjoying pizza together

Aunt Samantha and Uncle Jeff, sharing a laugh =)

Playing on Adam's computer, a birthday gift from the cousins

On Saturday, we headed Downtown to go to the International Sp.y Museum. We had fun being in D.C. but we'll probably have to wait until Adam's a little older before we visit the museum again. We still had fun on the (looong) Metro ride and eating lunch together:
Evan & Zach helping Adam buy his metro ticket

Aunt Samantha, Adam, Evan & Zach in D.C.

Adam & Jake enjoying their lunch at "The Spy Ca.fe"... Adam is fascinated by his "biggest cousin" Jake... look at the look on his face! =)

On Sunday morning, we went over to Mom/Grandma's house for Brunch. Afterwards, we went to the Red.skins Training Camp. The Skins are looking good (finally)!!!
Grandma & Adam entering Red.skins Training Camp. Go Skins!!!

Watching The Skins up close

The best seat in the house!

The boys helping Adam jump through the tires at training camp

Jake was a "tire jumping" winner!

The boys were still in Red.skins Spirit when we returned from Training Camp so they played football for hours outside... until it was time for the L-Man Crew to head back to Chicago.

We love you, L-Man Crew!!! Come visit again soon!!!

P.S. GREAT monster face, Jake! Are you sure that's you?!?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

H, F & M

Adam's canker sore turned into about... 10 sores in his mouth... poor baby!!! I found out that 2 kids in his class have "Hand Foot & Mo.uth" so we're pretty sure that is what he has. He doesn't have any sores on his hands or feet and no fever (except for a 99.8 temp at one point which was temporary). However, it's just too coincidental with the mouth sores. I took him to the Min.ute Clinic on Thursday and the nurse practitioner is pretty sure that's what he has. I have to say, it is a NASTY VIRUS. It's the sickest Adam's been since his bout of roseola, back in December 2008. He ate very little on Monday and Tuesday and didn't eat ANYTHING Wednesday - Friday. We had to beg & plead with him to drink milk and juice which he drank from a little straw in the corner of his mouth. So pitiful.

The good news is that he was MUCH BETTER today... yay!!! He actually ATE all 3 meals (blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs w/cheese and a grilled cheese sandwich on a soft tortilla). He would complain at first that "it hurt" but then he ate... he was starving! His bout with constipation also ended this morning, thank goodness! His mood & energy was much improved. I think he's FINALLY on the mend, knock on wood.

Here is a picture taken last night -- as you can see, he was already starting to feel better then:

I'm SO HAPPY to see Little Love's smile back!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Canker Sore H*&#ll

This post was supposed to be all about our awesome weekend with the cousins... but that post will come tomorrow. Right now, we're in canker sore hell. Seriously, people. Adam developed a canker sore on Monday and I've never seen him so miserable. Ever. I took him to Urg.ent Care on Monday (his ped.'s office was booked) and the Doctor saw the canker sore on his tongue. His ear was also "borderline red" and so was his throat. Doctor thinks it's just a virus... but poor little love is freakin' MISERABLE. On a side note, his blood pressure was on the high side... first it was 103/50something and then it was 97/50something... so we'll have to keep an eye on that.

Little Love hasn't eaten in 3 days now (except for some scrambled eggs I made yesterday) and will barely even drink... but Thank G-d he will... he'll drink juice and milk in the little boxes with a tiny straw on the very edge of his mouth... crying that "it hurts" every 10 seconds. He hasn't been able to sleep without waking up in serious pain every.single.hour until we bring him to our bed and then he can sleep a little. He's pretty miserable in the morning, too. This afternoon he totally lost it for over an hour. Hysterically crying... it was terrible... after he drank, though, he felt much better and was even able to throw the football around with Daddy.

Found out today that 2 kids in his class have Hand, Foot and Disease... so now I'm totally suspicious that he has that, too. He doesn't have a fever or sores on his hands or feet... but I read you don't have to have all the symptoms. I spoke to the Dr. on call tonight... she said that canker sores and H F M or both viruses... and there's nothing you can really do for either except tylenol. The Dr. on Monday also gave us a numbing ointment but Adam won't let us get near his mouth. The whole thing is so upsetting! I *hate* to see my child in so much pain. I really hope that my mom is right when she says that "it's always the worst before it gets better" and that Little Love is back to his happy (and eating) self tomorrow... for ALL of our sakes!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cousins reunite!

We had a fabulous weekend with Aunt Samantha, Uncle Jeff and Cousins Jake, Evan and Zach! They came from Chicago to visit on Friday night and it was so great being together again (the first time since Thanksgiving!) The best part was seeing the boys together. My nephews are THE GREATEST kids ever. They are so sweet, smart, fun, etc... Steven & I (and Adam) just adore them! They are so great with Adam... always have been. From the moment the boys met Adam 3 years ago, this month (Adam was only 4.5 months old!) they have been inseparable (when we get together - which isn't nearly enough!). Here are the boys together in August 2007:

Here are the boys together now (August 2010):

They are just too sweet together! Much more tomorrow from the visit! =)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Mommy, I ate the raisin bread"!

Adam went downstairs before me yesterday. As soon as he saw me, he gave me a huge mischievous grin and said "Mommy, I ate the raisin bread!"... actually he ate some raisin.ets, chocolate covered raisins that Steven left on the couch the night before. I couldn't help but videotape his guilty confession. No worries, we had a more "serious" discussion afterwards about how he really DOES need to get permission before eating food left on the couch!!! As always, please ignore my screeching voice... oy.

Here are a few of the guilty smiles I received pre-confession. You can see how sorry he felt, haha. My apologies regarding the quality, they were taken on my phone:

Thursday, August 5, 2010


We had a fabulous time in Oc.ean City this past week. We stayed at Marty's condo with Mom & Marty... and Marty's awesome son & grandson, Josh & Mo, also joined us for a few days. It was WONDERFUL being at the beach. The weather was perfect and it was so relaxing and peaceful being there. Of course Adam had a blast in the surf and sand, too. He was a litte hesitant to go in the water at first but was running through waves by our last day! Mo is 10 months younger than Adam and they seemed to enjoy having another "little person" to play with. =) Here are some pics from our beach adventures (I took over 300 pics)! Most of the pics are self-explanatory... the amusement park pic was taken on the boardwalk and the cutie (besides Adam) is Mo. One of my favorite pics is the one of Adam writing his name in the sand... his idea. =)

I also celebrated my birthday on Saturday night... loved celebrating it on the beach with family... Adam and Mo helped me blow out my candles.

Life is a Beach!