Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(almost) 3 and a Quarter

Recent Adam-isms/sentences:

-- mommy, i want a REAL dog (after playing with tomas' dog)

-- i have to go to school to learn and sing songs

-- mommy, doggies like to eat hot dogs b/c they're dogs

Adam, I love how you...

-- say i'm going to pick 2 rocks today (all matter of factly)

-- say thank you! when i tell him i don't have to work or go to the store

-- give big hugs for daddy

-- how he reads books/tells stories -- amazing imagination!

-- the fact that he knows that "worms eat grass to get energy". that's actually new to me, haha.

-- how he puts his little arms around me when he's lying in bed... and also when we were watching "Curi.ous George" at the movies (during a special "kids at the movies" day)

-- that's he's a total mama's boy

-- and yet, very athletic

-- he's never met a ball he hasn't liked=)

-- various moods/demeanors etc.

-- runs to me, yelling MOMMY!, and JUMPS in my arms

-- how he yells "I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!" like he's yelling "I'm going to Disneyland"!

-- how he remembers my favorite animal (polar bear) and my favorite marble (white with blue dots). And favorite songs "C is for Cookie" and "Pirates of the CAribbean". He'll ask "Is this your favorite?" and if you say "no" he'll say "Yes, it is your favorite!"

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