Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick-or-Treat 2010

Happy Halloween from Our Cat in the!

Friday, October 29, 2010

a Delightful Fall Weekend with Bobbe & Zaide

Last Thursday night, Adam could barely sleep as he was so excited about seeing his Bobbe & Zaide (B & Z) the next day. They surprised him by picking him up at school on Friday and he was delighted.

We had such a wonderful weekend together... Shabbat pizza dinner on Friday night, brunch on Sunday, and the PUMPKIN PATCH on Saturday... definitely the highlight of the weekend. Adam had a ball on the hayride, going down hay slides with Zaide ("and by myself"!), walking through the corn maze (even though he refused to go in any of the haunted houses), feeding the baby goats & picking out a HUGE pumpkin to take home.

Unfortunately, I lost my camera that afternoon (I think it flew off my car when we leaving Dair.y Queen) so 95% of my photos from the weekend are gone... which I'm STILL quite upset about. I took a few photos on my phone, though (not nearly enough as I used my camera for all the "good" pictures. *Sigh*). Anyway, here are some phone pictures from our lovely weekend together, the majority taken at the pumpkin patch/farm:

Adam having fun with Zaide when purchasing his new BIG BOY twin mattress (more on that in a future post)!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Back from China...

Uncle Joey in Da House!!!

Uncle Joey came for a visit from L.A. last weekend! Unfortunately, Aunt Hillary wasn't able to join him for this weekend. We all loved hanging out with him, especially Adam. They spent a lot of time chatting and dancing...and also had some tickles sessions (usually with Adam tickling Uncle Joey)! =) We also had a good time together at the playground and at Grandma's house. Here are some pics from the weekend:

Can't wait to see you in Palm Sp.ings in December, Uncle Joey & Aunt Hillary!!! xoxoxo

blog update

I feel like such a blog slacker! Between being sick, being swamped at work, busy with company, etc. the blog has taken a back seat. Lots to catch up on! Sadly, I lost my camera this weekend (I think it fell off the car when we were leaving Dai.ry Queen). It had over 100 photos on it including pics from Uncle Joey's visit, Christy & family's visit, Adam's new bed (more on that in an upcoming post!) and visits from the pumpkin patch with Bobbe & Zaide this past weekend. Fortunately, I also took a few pics of Uncle Joey's visit and of the pumpkin patch on my phone but the quality isn't that great. Hugh sigh.

Anyway, I'll do my best to catch up on posts in the upcoming weeks!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- What the &%*$?!?

Adam is quite the character! He has me laughing every day with his "antics". Here are a few that I captured this month:

Wearing Mommy's dress... he slipped it on his head and refused to take it off! ;)

We were getting ready to go to the library... I turned around and saw Adam carrying ALL of the library books & DVDs! A side note: you can see that it was time to run an errand since Adam had gone through all of his toys that morning!!! He was very helpful in putting everything away when we got home. =)

We go to this awesome grocery store,'s, once a week. Adam always gets to pick a decorated cookie when we're there as a "special treat". He chose an apple cookie last week and a jack-o-lantern cookie this week.

Who's that?!? Grandma & Marty bought Adam this funny face when they were in China. The whistle mustache was a huge hit.

Here's Little Love, hiding in the playground since he didn't want to go home!

He is such an incredible little boy! We're so blessed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday School

We have enrolled Adam in his first Sunday School! It's called Training Wheels and it's run by Had.assah at a local temple. The kids (ages 2-5) meet once a month and do a lot of hands-on activities. Last month the theme was Hash.anah and Suk.kah and this month the theme was Shab.bat.

The class on Sunday began with the Al.ef Bet song (Hebrew alphabet). Afterwards, the teacher showed the children how to make challah and then each kid got their own challah dough to knead & braid:

Then the challahs were put in the oven to bake. Yummy!

Afterwards, the kids sang some songs and the teacher read a book about a Shab.bat box... where you store your Shab.bat candles, kiddish cup and challah cover. Each child got their own Challah box, full of the goodies, to decorate:
Making his Shab.bat box -- he wrote his name and applied metallic dots around the rim in glitter glue. Next to Adam is his "birthday twin", Geoffrey (they were born on the exact same day)... his mom told me about the program (Thanks, Alison)!
Decorating the challah cover with his name and some happy face people =)

Next, the kids played a Hebrew version of "Sim.on Says":
"Put your hand on your rosh (head)"
I love how Adam is sticking his tuchus out here! =)

The class ended with another Shab.bat story and a good-bye song ("Shalom, Chav.erim", I believe - Goodbye, Friends")
Listening to a funny Shab.bat story... I love how Adam is sitting & listening so nicely :)!

Afterwards, we hung out at the Temple's playground with Geoffrey & the other kids. It was a wonderful morning! =)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Dear Grandma,


I loved spending the afternoon with you and Marty at the playground. As always, we had so much fun together!

Thank you for being the most wonderful Grammy. I love you sooooo much!!!



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soccer Star!

Adam is a natural athlete, like his daddy and cousins Jake, Evan & Zach. He loves throwing a football around, hitting a tennis ball (or balloon) and running. However, his favorite sport is soccer (he'll tell you this, too!). He took his first soccer "class" at only 17 months old and has been kicking balls passionately ever since.

Little Love at 17 months! Aww!

We enrolled him in a soccer class at the community center this summer and he enjoyed it... so we enrolled him again for the fall. 2 days after enrolling him, his school sent out an e-mail saying that a soccer coach was coming to his school on Mondays for kids interesting in learning... you guessed it, soccer. It was an extra charge (of course) but totally worth since most of the 3-year-old boys are in the class plus it's outdoors. So now Adam has soccer twice a week... and STILL can't get enough of the sport... we have THREE soccer balls!

The weather dropped into the 50s today so I bent the rules and let Adam play soccer in the house this afternoon... all moms do this, right?!? ;) Here's a short clip of him playing... I especially love how he yells that he's a soccer star... he's very modest, as you can see:

Wordless Wednesday -- playgrounds

Monday, October 4, 2010

Adam & Sarah at the Fair

The weather was so lovely this weekend. We took full advantage of it by heading to a fall fair! We met Rachel & family there for Adam & Sarah's annual "fall (play)date"! =) They really are so cute together. They had a great time going on rides (if you look carefully in the "dragon photo" below, you can see them!)and petting the animals (Adam's new favorite thing to do). Ella, Sarah's baby sister, also joined in the fun... she is such a good baby & so precious!

Waiting patiently in line


Can you see them in the front row?!?

Adam loves petting the animals!

Hey, it's Franklin! ;)

All aboard... Rachel, Sarah, Adam & Me

Ella & Rachel (they are BOTH so photogenic!)

Afterwards, we headed for the Sil.ver and the kids were really well-behaved (and the place was really loud which definitely helped!). We even let the kids chase each other around the table at the end of the meal while the dads (Steven & Jon) chatted about... what else... football!
Sarah & Adam, peacefully coloring (for the moment) while waiting for their mac & cheese

The Dads! Jon & Sarah, Steven & Adam

We had a great time with Rachel, Jon, Sarah & Ella on Saturday and are looking forward to another "family playdate" soon!!!

Adam at 3.5

Adam's new class