Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what a night

i'm sitting here, at 6:52 AM... having woken up after getting 26 minutes of sleep last night. i am so exhausted but i have to go to work anyway since i missed work on monday... having pulled an all-nighter sunday night. why the all-nighters, you may be asking?

well, i mentioned that adam has had a cold/virus/??? since saturday. during the day, he's been acting 90% fine... tons of energy, eating, playing, happy, etc... with a little cough. yesterday he also started sneezing and his nose started to run. however, he has been up pretty much the whole night (on/off) the last 3 nights since he's SO stuffed up (hence my all-nighters). regarding a fever, the only time he had one was early sunday morning when it hit 101.5. i gave him some and the temp went down immediately and did not return, at all (that i know of). until 1:30 this morning... when, out of the blue, he had a temp of 101.2 and felt HOT. he was also jerking around a little in bed (when i asked him what was wrong, he told me he was moving a lot) and his breathing was very labored, due to the very stuffy nose/coughing/sneezing.

i called the dr on call and she told me to give him some tyl.enol or and check on him again in 45 minutes to make sure the fever has gone down and that he's breathing better. well, after i took his medicine, he was WIDE AWAKE and in a very good mood (almost manic - i guess since it was 4 am at this point!). he kept saying "i love you, mama" and "you're the best mama" and hugging me. it was so sweet and so sad as he was literally hot to the touch. it took an entire HOUR for the fever to go down to 99... and when it did, he fell asleep (around 5 am) and has been sleeping soundly (breathing seems fine, he feels cool) since then. i managed to squeeze in 26 minutes of sleep, too.

i have an important meeting with my boss at 8:15 this morning, so i have to go in to work. i'm going to try to stay the whole day without falling asleep on my desk!!! steven is going to take adam to the doctor's when he wakes up. the one thing the dr on call said that concerned me was that it's rare for a temperature to come (like it did on sunday morning) and then go away for a few days and then come back (like it did this morning). so she thinks he may have an infection of some sort. he's never really had one, either... only viruses... so we'll see what the dr says this morning. i'm nervous, exhausted and upset that i can't be with him. =(

thanks for letting me vent... had to get it out... i'll update tonight with how little love is doing.

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Two Lines On a Stick said...

Hope he feels better soon and you can BOTH get some good sleep tonight!