Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My little reader... & a brief update (with VIDEO)! =)

I have "bloggers block", similar to writer's block. I think of about a gazillion post entries in my head and start writing them... but yet I've barely "published" any "substantial" posts in weeks (and, yet, I'm loving the quotation marks tonight)! I have been blogging for a little over 2 years now and have written 300 posts (but about 4 of those are still in "draft" form). I love blogging -- love that I can look back at all the memories with Adam -- and feel guilty when I fall behind in it. Hopefully I'll start writing/publishing more, even if the posts aren't perfect (and they never are). Sooo much to write about, too! A few quick things to note...

1. Adam will be 3 -- OH MY G-D -- in 12 days!!!

2. Adam came down with a cough and 101.5 fever (after being illness-free for months) on Saturday/Saturday night (fever). Fortunately, he hasn't had a fever since Sat. night (well, technically, Sunday morning) and has only been coughing sporadically. However, the cough sounds "loaded" so I wonder if his nose will start running one of these days. He also was up from 1 - 5 AM last night since he couldn't get comfortable. I pulled an all-nighter for the first time in years (I don't recommend it, either)!

3. We had a delightful visit with my Dad's cousin, Eva, yesterday... pics to follow soon. We're also in birthday party season... we went to Olivia's birthday party a few weeks ago and Benjamin's party on Sunday (pics to come in a future post). In the next two weeks we will also celebrate Tomas', Gavin's, and Nathan's birthdays (and Adam's, of course)!

4. Special shout-out to all our new "little friends" -- my cousin Brad gave birth to Skylar a few weeks ago and Molly (Riley's mom) gave birth to Jude a few days ago! So exciting!

In other news, Adam has been really into reading to US recently. His imagination is WILD. He creates the coolest stories from the pictures on the book. The stories usually don't make much sense but they're fun to listen to anyway. Every night, when we tuck Adam in, we each tell a story. He always whispers his... not sure why. He's also really into the alphabet these days. He can write most letters now and LOVES to trace letters, as you'll see in the video clip below. I got to talk to Ms. Lucette, his teacher, for a moment today. She said that he is doing better with the sharing (yay!) and only acts aggressive when he's "really angry" (we're working on that, believe me!). She also said that he hasn't been eating well there (we're going to pack a supplemental lunch for him) but he IS following directions better now in terms of coloring/writing. I call him my little "Renaissance Tot"... he loves cars/trains... sports/playground... as well as books & writing. He is SO much fun to be with (except when he doesn't get his way... oy!).

Here's a little clip of Adam reading to me from a Sandra Boyn.ton classic -- "But Not the Hip.popatumus"! For some reason, he mouths the tag line "But Not the Hip.popatumus" -- probably because it gets such an (obnoxious) laugh from me (please ignore that).

I love that little voice! More posts to come soon!

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E. from Pot o' Gold said...

That is so cute! I love how he mouths it, probably just to be obstinate. Teo would do the same thing. Also, I love that Teo has those same pajamas on right now, and when he heard the video come on, he came over and said "Hey, he has the same pajamas as me!" :)