Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update (just a cold!)

Even though I'm still sleep deprived (NOW I remember what that feels like... no wonder why I don't remember much from Adam's first six months!), I'm feeling sooo relieved. Since I had to go to work today, Steven played "Mis.ter Mom"... and he did GREAT! He took Adam to the ped.'s office by himself for the first time ever! To back up a little... Adam woke up around 8:30 and was HYSTERICAL that I wasn't home (I know since I was on the phone with Steven when he woke up). He got on the phone with me and said "I want you. I want you right here. I'm very sad")... heartbreaking! He calmed down soon afterwards, thank goodness. Steven thought he felt kinda hot but wasn't burning up. Anyway, I made a dr's appt for LL and Steven took him in.

I was on pins & needles all morning, waiting for the call from Steven! Well... turns out that Adam just has a... BAD COLD!!! Just what I thought!!! He's never had an infection, not even an ear one (knock on wood -- yes, I know I just jinxed this!) so i was happy to hear that he didn't need antibio.tics! I was also THRILLED to hear he weighed in at 30 lbs (w/clothes on)-- NICE!!! He did have a low grade temp though (99.5) but, overall, he checked out okay (Thank You, G-d!!!).

He's in great spirits and his cold seems to be clearing up. Now we're just hoping for a peaceful & restful night!


E. from Pot o' Gold said...

I love those kinds of doctor appts!

Sarah said...

So glad to hear...never on antibiotics??? LUCKY! And YEAH on the 30 lbs!

Fighting Mama said...

So glad to hear it's just a cold but it would have totally broke my heart to hear my little guy asking for me like that. *Sniff*

Yay Dad for doing the ped and all that jazz. Moms all over the world are thanking you right now.

Double yay for no meds! Maybe I need to go to your ped, sounds like they are of the wait it out before you kill it with meds the kid might not need type. That rocks.