Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adam is 3! Happy Birthday, Little Love!

Adam on March 28, 2007 -- a few minutes old

Adam on March 28, 2008 -- 1 year old

Adam on March 28, 2009 -- 2 years old

Adam on March 28, 2010 -- 3 years old

Adam turned 3 years old today. Hard to believe that I've been blessed with this amazing little love for three years now. He touches my heart every single day with his beautiful face, adorable little voice, and unbelievably fun personality. His intelligence & humor continue to surprise me. Just looking at him sometimes still takes my breath away... just like it did when we first met 3 years ago, today.

p.s. Lots of pics from Adam's birthday party will be posted soon -- hopefully tomorrow! =)


Sarah said...

Happy Belated Birthday LL!!!

Fighting Mama said...

Happy Birthday Adam!!!