Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adam's 3rd Birthday Party (#2)

Adam's huge birthday party was on Saturday. Ten of Adam's friends were in attendance (Sarah was sick so we missed seeing her); most of the kids have been attending Adam's parties since he turned 1! We had the party at the rec center and rented out a classroom (for lunch) and a gym.

The Goods... minus the juice boxes which I totally had forgotten about =(

Getting a birthday hug from Jackson (Jackie), Adam's best friend from school

Mrs. Nichole from Adam's beloved Kind.erTots (or KinderDan.ce) class was the "special guest". She was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and all the kids (especially Adam) had the best time!
Using the magic wand to sprinkle everyone's feet with Mrs. Nichole

Kid line-up: Lily, Asha, Jackson, the birthday boy, Olivia, Benjamin, Addie, Tomas and COUSIN CLAIRE (we were so glad they came up from Baltimore!). I'm not sure where Liam is; I don't see him in this picture. Lots of 1-year-old siblings were also in attendance: Connor, Andrew, Gavin, Zach, Nolan and Cousin Blake. Tomas's little sister, Sofia, was at home with her Grandma, I believe.

Warming up with Mrs. Nichole
Stretching with Tomas and Lily

Keeping his balance...

Cirdle Game! Act like a monkey if you catch the banana!

Oh no! Adam's the monkey! =)

Intently listening to Mrs. Nichole


Loving it!

Mom & Marty enjoying the show

Yay... KinderDan.ce!

Adam & Miss Holly

The party concluded back in the party room with a catered lunch from Weg.man's and, of course, a cupcake cake!
Lunch Time!

Sharing a laugh with Zaide

Cake Time!

Blowing out the candles!

"I did it"! =)
Birthday love from Mommy & Daddy

Adam & Grammy

The Birthday Boy with his HUGE Curi.ous George balloon. When he first saw it he exclaimed "What a BIG BALLOON!"... which made it almost worth the $10 that it cost! =)

Cousing Blake at 9 months -- such a cutie!

It was a wonderful party! I was actually relaxed for most of it and loved having all of Adam's friends(and mine!) at the party. We're so glad that Bobbe, Zaide, Grandma & Marty were also there to join in the 3-year-old fun! =)

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Wendy and Karen said...

It looks like a wonderful party! We were sorry to miss it.

Happy Birthday Adam!