Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Party #1

Little Love is turning 3 in 3 days... omg!!! Seriously, he really & truly is no longer a baby or even a toddler. He's now, officially, a preschooler. Be still my heart!!! Soooo much to write about... so many pictures to post... and so little energy & time to do so now.

The past 6 weeks have been unbelievably busy, esp. with work... hence the reduction in blog posts. Next week is spring break (yay!) so I'll be able to catch up... so much to write about!

Adam had his first (of 3!) birthday parties yesterday. The party was for the neighborhood play group kiddos. The original plan was a "small party" but we ended up having 13 kids and 2 tots! Hey, the more the merrier, right?!? Anyway, we had the party at the multipurpose center across the street since our little townhouse is just too small to host a party. We had games, an egg hunt and lunch. The gymnastics mats and trampoline were set out so the kids had a blast tumbling, jumping, etc. It was a fun "little" party with a Mi.ckey Mouse theme. Here are some pics from the par-tay:

the goodies: wraps for the moms and mac & cheese (and cupcakes!) for the kiddos

"Where are all my friends?" aka "The calm before the (3 year old) storm"! =)

Let the fun begin! Yahoo!

Adam & Sean sharing a laugh. It should be noted, however, that they had major issues sharing the balloons!!! =)

Adam getting ready for his egg hunt... notice his chocolate goatee... my boy & chocolate!

On the look-out for eggs...

Darlene & Sean, Carrie, Joseph & Michael searching for eggs (as you can tell by the jackets, Mother Nature was not our friend that morning!)

"Pin the nose on the clown"... I didn't blindfold the kids and Adam "pinned" the clown during his first try... and then got annoyed when other kids tried to... it was kinda funny, actually.

Getting ready for lunch... Adam with Joseph (on his R side) and Caylee, Seth, Grace, Parker & Darden

Riley, Sean & Gabriel

mmm... apple juice!

Adam's "birthday cake"... and my first cake decorating... notice the letters on the cupcakes... nice, huh?!? =)

Singing Happy Birthday to Little Love

Adam & Riley

It's fun to be (almost) 3!

1 party down & 2 to go! On Friday, Adam will have a little class party at school and his big birthday party is on Saturday... all leading up to LITTLE LOVE'S 3RD BIRTHDAY ON SUNDAY!!! =)

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