Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- Our Little Writer

Adam has loved "drawing" and "writing" for some time now. Several times a day he'll sit and, as he says, "write". He prefers using a pen and lined paper as opposed to crayons. A few weeks ago, he started drawing turtles (they always have a cute rectangular body, eyes, smile, ears and little feet) and soccer balls (balls with lines going through it). This week, he has really gotten into writing letters. He'll say "Mama, here's an A" and write an "A"... it's all initiated by him. Here are some letters (A, E, F, H, L, T, G & D) he wrote yesterday:

He can also write his name now. As you can see, he writes right-to-left (he's getting ready to learn Hebrew, ha ha) and the letters are HUGE but it's a start:

He's such a delight!