Thursday, February 4, 2010

Malibu, CA -- visit with Dick & Tani and THE BEACH! -- CA Adventure, take 3

During our last full day in Southern California, we went to visit Dick & Tani in Malibu. They have been family friends since the early '60s! It was wonderful to see them again and introduce them to Adam. Adam especially bonded with Dick and he taught Adam the "1, 2 Eating Game" which really helped Adam to eat. It was absolutely delightful being in their home... which overlooks the ocean... STUNNING!
Orange picking at Dick & Tani's house in Malibu

A fun lunch with Dick & Tani!

After lunch, we went to the ocean. The last time Adam was at the beach was in Destin, Florida when he was 14 months old. He was a little wary of the sand then. Not anymore... he *LOVED* the ocean. He was a little scared of the surf, though. He spent a good 45 minutes just running around in the sand. He also enjoyed picking up rocks/stones (there weren't any shells) and hanging out with the family. I took probably 50 pics of him frolicking on the beach. Here are a few of my favorites:

With Tani & Grandma

Group pic... Uncle Steven, Aunt Elizabeth, Grammy, Uncle Joey, Aunt Hillary... & Adam, the little escapee!

It was a great way to end our Cali vacation! Hope you enjoyed the beach photos... since the next post will be filled with SNOW PICS! That's right -- we are expecting 1.5 - 2.5 feet of snow tomorrow... crazy!!! I have lived in Northern VA my whole life (except for college) and we've never had a winter like this. I LOVE IT! I have a new camera to take lots of pics of Adam in the snow. The only sad part is that Bobbe & Zaide were supposed to visit this weekend and had to cancel their trip, due to the snow. =( We are hoping they will be able to come later this month. Adam talks about them every single day and we all miss them very much.

All right... bring on the SNOW...


Sarah said...

LOVE the one of him holding hands with daddy in the sunset...great pics!

What is the 1,2 eating thing? I MUST know!

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Ah, I'm jealous of the sun break you guys got. :) Looks lovely. Funny, I always thought of D.C. area getting lots of snow. Wonder why. Cool - new camera. What kind did you get? I'm shopping for a new one.