Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lake Bal.boa Park & hanging out - CA Adventure, Take 2

As I'm watching the beautiful snow fall outside (we've never had so much snow here in VA -- we also had about 5 inches fall on Saturday!), I'm reminded of our *sunny* California vacation. We've been home for over a month and I still haven't posted all the pics! So, here's part 2... hopefully I'll have part 3 up tomorrow. Which is a definite possibility since my camera is still lost. =( I'm in serious photography withdrawal. In the meantime, here are some pics of Lake Balboa Park in Sherman Oaks. It was fabulous... huge lake (with lots of ducks) and miles and miles of sand for kids to play in. If we lived in Sherman Oaks, I'm sure we would be there every day:

"Look at all the Duckies!"

Hi Duckies!

So happy to be in Sunny CA!

The crew hanging out: Uncle Steven, Uncle Joey, Aunt Hillary, Grandma, Daddy and Adam

Buried in the sand pit!

Adam loved this truck he found

Being chased by Uncle Stevie. Adam loves being chased!

Playing with Aunt Hillary

Camel ride with Uncle Steven

The (somewhat) newly engaged couple, Uncle Joey & Aunt Hillary xoxo

Here are some photos taken at Uncle Joey & Aunt Hillary's house throughout our stay:
Adam being chased... this time by Uncle Joey!

Uncle Joey and Adam watching TV together

Adam playing with the cool police cars that Uncle Joey bought him

Uncle Steven, Aunt Elizabeth, Adam & POPCORN (and the Leap that Aunt Hillary brought over for Adam). This is the best pic I could get of all of them!

Adam with Aunt Elizabeth & POPCORN! Great pic... Uncle Steven took it!

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