Sunday, February 14, 2010

XO Valentine's Day XO

We had a sweet Valentine's Day this year. V-Day always brings back a favorite memory of Steven and I. On V-day, 9 years ago (2001), Steven first "told" me he loved me... on a balloon! I still remember the night so well. Steven came to my apartment in Alexandria and had in his hand a little gift combo. There was a little heart-shaped box of chocolates on the bottom, a little white stuffed bear and the mini helium heart-shaped balloon -- with the message "I LOVE YOU" on the top. It seriously was the grossest chocolate and the cheapest bear (sorry... but it's true) but it was one of my happiest moments ever. To see "I LOVE YOU" for the 1st time from Steven... I was bouncing up and down... so happy!!! It took Steven another 3 months to actually SAY the words but I knew he did as a result of that cheezy & oh-so-wonderful balloon!

Back to the present... we had a very low-key Valentine's Day today with our Little Love. We went to Grandma's house for lunch and had take-out for dinner.
Adam braving the snow to see Grandma!

Long-stemmed roses from Grandma's Valentine ;-)

Adam got a Valentine with candy (he was sooo happy... gave "nosies" to Snoopy and ate the chocolate -- fortunately there were only 3 pieces). He didn't seem to care much for his card but did give the bear on the card "nosies", too. =)

Adam opening up his V-day goodies
I'm a huge fanatic so I was very excited about the Steven bought Adam. Admittedly, he couldn't wait to open the box of chocolates!

A few minutes later, I was sorting through some papers and got a paper cut. After Adam heard my "ow!" he asked "What happened, Mama?". When I told him about my paper cut, he asked if I wanted a kiss and then ran over to give me one. Such a little sweetheart!!!

After Adam went to bed, Steven and I celebrated. He surprised me with a sweet balloon and even sweeter card and I had a big box of heart-shaped chocolates (original, aren't I?) for him. It was a very sweet moment... our 11th V-day together!
Steven posing with our goodies

Hope your Valentine's Day was as happy as Adam's -- ha ha! xoxoxo

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Wendy and Karen said...

Happy Valentines Day!

I love the picture you captured of Adam walking through all that snow. The angle is perfect.

Have a good week!