Saturday, February 20, 2010

My precious little love -- the small things

Some cute things that Adam has said/done recently...
-- recently exclaimed, "you're the best, mommy"

-- how he says "MAMA" first thing when he wakes up and after nap (unless he just comes out to get me)

-- also recently asked: "are you still mad, mama?"

-- a recent exchange... Me: "how much do you love mama?" Adam: "the best"

-- how he walks in my room carrying his doggies when he wakes up, all groggy (and sooo cute)

-- he he looks at me solemnly to give me noseys

-- how he says "again" and "no singing, mama" in the car... and " i TOLD you, mama, no singing!"

-- how he always replies "so much" when I say "i love you!".

-- how he runs up yelling "mama!" when i pick him up from school

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