Friday, January 29, 2010

3 out of 4 ain't bad (potty update -- way too much TMI -- consider yourself warned!!!)

I'm still without camera... so upsetting... I think this is the longest I've gone since Adam's birth without taking pictures... may have to break down and buy a cheap one at Tar.get this weekend... don't tell my husband (ha ha).

In other news... Adam is doing really well with the potty training! Here goes (forgive me for the TMI!): Adam has made a poo on the potty 3 out of the last 4 nights... including last night and tonight. Hooray! He originally asked me for a "pull-up to poo in" tonight but I told him to try on the potty first. I asked him if he'd like me to read him a book when he was sitting there (start the habit at a young age!!!) and he said "Yes... it will make it hurt less". So I read him "The Sno.wy Day" (we're predicting snow tomorrow) and he remembered it from Grandma's house -- and a few minutes later, we had "a winner" -- so to speak!

Just as exciting... twice tonight, Adam went over to his potty and pee'ed. Without saying a word, he got up (from playing), ran to his potty, sat down and did "his business" and went back to playing (with a reminder from me to wash his hands!). It was so cool, though, how he literally got up and did it. So we're definitely excited over here... wow, amazing what things we find "exciting" these days!!!

One more thing... observant blog readers may notice that the picture of Adam under the title is a little... dated. The picture is from July 2008 and he was 15 months old... it was the day that "Big Doggy" became a member of the family. ;o) Since I'm feeling nostalgic in the months leading up to Adam's 3rd birthday (in less than 2 months - OMG!), I'll probably be posting up old photos under the header. I'll try to post a new photo with each now blog post. For those of you keeping track. =0)

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Fighting Mama said...

Woohoo! What a big boy. I am so glad that the potty training is going well.

And really, we're all Moms. I don't think my day would be complete if I didn't talk about poo at one point or another.

I love the big doggy. :) Maybe as much as Adam.

Sarah said...

YEAH!!! You'll be diaper free before you know it!!!