Monday, March 16, 2009

"Nose Running. Need Tissue"

I heard Adam's sweet little voice at 5:06 A.M. on the monitor, calling for DaDa (which is somewhat unusual for him as he usually calls for me first). Since DaDa was sound asleep (with earplugs in!), Mama went in to see Adam. He immediately looked up and said: "Nose running. Need tissue". How precious (and sad) is that?!?

So we went to get him a tissue and he said "Mama, lay down" but I told him that it was still night time and I put him back in his crib. A few minutes later, as I was laying in bed, still half-asleep (and hoping to sleep for another hour before waking up for work) I realized that it was quite unusual for Adam to wake up at 5. So I went back in his room and, sure enough, he was HOT (huge sigh). I woke up Steven and he confirmed that he was, indeed, hot. Unfortunately, our $30 ear thermometer wasn't working (it kept reading 94 degrees) so we erred on the side on side of caution and gave Little Love some tylenol (which he hates). I thought he felt warm yesterday and he wasn't eating so I was a little worried this would happen. Plus, at least 4 kids in his Montessori school have a virus, too. Besides the temperature, Adam was in really good spirits (he even wanted "Mama cook eggs" in his play kitchen) so I felt okay going to work. Steven stayed with him until around noon and then Mom came over so Steven could go to work.

His temperature ranged from 100 - 100.7 without tylenol (low-grade) throughout the day (Steven bought a new -- cheaper -- thermometer this morning) and his mood continued to be good besides some clinginess and irritability. However, he refused to eat/drink anything (besides graham crackers and apple juice) and was coughing up a storm (so hard that he threw up his juice 3x this morning - lovely). So I decided to take him in to get checked out this evening. We went to a local after-hours clinic that accepts my insurance (sweet) and he was declared to have a virus. His ears look a little red and his glands are really swollen (tonsilitis) but the nurse practitioner was pretty confident that he'll be feeling okay by the end of the week. Here's hoping. Of course I'm still upset about him being sick... it's like a dark cloud hanging over me. I know I'm overreacting but it's so difficult seeing him sick... it just makes me nervous. Plus, I'm upset about the zero appetite since he's already lost 2 pounds this month (another deep sigh). I also get upset every time he has a fever (did you all hear that sigh?). Ah... the joys of first-time motherhood.

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