Friday, March 27, 2009

Adam's final day as a 1-year-old (gulp)

So... this is it. Adam's final day as a 1-year-old. Wow. It's so surreal. We have been counting down to this day since January 1 and now it's almost here. I have to say... Little Love left his "1s" today with a lasting impression.

Let's start from the beginning... I was so excited all day about the weekend to come. I rushed home after work and Bobbe & Zayde (aka Hannah & Colin, my wonderful in-laws), were waiting for me. We went together to pick Adam up at school. Adam saw us in the mirror and gave us a really strange look and then started to smile. Bobbe & Zayde showered Adam with hugs & kisses and he immediately warmed up... talking up a storm, pointing out everybody & everything. It was a very sweet moment until Zayde put Adam down and Adam went up to Ryan and hit him right in the face. Yes, that is right... he just hit Ryan. For absolutely no reason. Both Miss Annie and I were shocked... literally speechless. Poor Ryan... he didn't cry but just looked so sad & confused as he is good buddies with Adam. After telling Adam we don't hit, he went up and hit another kid. Are you kidding me?!? I was seriously mortified, horrified, etc. This is *so* not Adam. Miss Annie (and all the aides) said they have never seen Adam act in this way before (um, Thank goodness) and were also shocked. Annie assured me that Adam was just overly excited & stimulated and didn't know what to do with himself. I am really hoping that is all it was. Of course, I'm now a little nervous about the big birthday party tomorrow... 15 of his little friend will be there... I hope he keeps his cool. Man! I was really hoping that we wouldn't have to deal with this aggressive behavior. :o( Any of you blog readers been here? Any advice?

Once we arrived back home with Bobbe & Zayde, Adam was his charming little self. He played in his kitchen and "cooked eggs" for all of us. He was fine until Steven came home. And then he lost it... burst into tears yelling "Bye Bye Dada, Bye Bye Dada". It was awful. He's been doing this on/off for the past 2 weeks and we're not sure why. After a few minutes of Steven being home, he's fine and loving Dada. We think it might be b/c he's afraid that I'll leave when Steven comes home??? Which I don't do??? Who knows. It's frustrating for us all, though.

After that, Adam had a fit over the bubbles. Then everyone went outside to play and I was left alone to catch my breath (seriously). Things were okay after that for about 30 minutes. Then Adam wanted apple juice and was told he couldn't have any (as it takes away his appetite for dinner. We offered water which he also likes. That didn't fly. He had some serious apple juice craving going on. When he found out that he couldn't have any, *HE PROCEEDED TO LOSE HIS MIND*. Seriously... He cried/screamed/wailed for what seemed like an hour. It was absolutely awful. And I gave in. I did. I gave him the f'ing apple juice. After that, he was fine for a while... until he couldn't get his way about something again. By now, I was about to seriously lose *MY* mind!!!

Everyone took off for Wegman's to buy dinner at that point. Adam and I just hung out here. He calmed down a little but not completely. By the time everyone came back, he was doing better. However, all he had for dinner was 1/2 a piece of cheese and 1.5 bottles of Pediasure. And a few green beans. Big sigh. Eventually, we went up for bed and read "Barney goes to the Dentist" 2x which he loves. After our book, Steven & I laid down with Adam on the floor (he loves that) and he snuggled up against me & Steven. And then... then it was okay again. He went to bed peacefully and fell asleep fast.

So... that was the last day of Adam as a 1 year old. Quite dramatic, huh?!? Leave it to Adam to leave his 1s with a bang!!!
On a happier note, Adam received the BEST presents from Cousins Evan, Zach and Jake! He received a cutting board food set (which he loves loves loves), a cool alphabet drum (also loves) and legos (which he will love... we're going to wait another few days to open them). He spent at least an hour playing with the cutting board and food. Such great gifts! Thank you sooooo much, Evan, Zach, Jake, Aunt Samantha & Uncle Jeff! Wish you were here with us to celebrate... can't wait to see you all next week! Here are some photos of Adam playing with his new toys:

Of course, Adam also had fun playing with Bobbe & Zayde. Here is Adam checking Zayde's ears with his pink "ear checker":

Big day ahead tomorrow!!! Going to catch some ZZZs before the excitement begins!!! Lots of photos to come tomorrow after the big birthday party! :o)


Sarah said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Adam!!!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Adam!!!

Brooklyn and Amanda

namaste said...

Best thing I can tell you is that all 2 year olds are insane. :) We've had many of those same insane moments and they come and go. Try not to stress too much about it. (easier said than done)