Sunday, March 1, 2009

1 month to #2 (aka 23 months)

That's right... Adam turned the big 23 months yesterday (2/28). We celebrated the day by getting Adam's picture taken at The Picture People. They are the cutest photos ever!!! Unfortunately I don't have a scanner or I would post them. If you're interested in seeing them, post a comment & I'll send you the link. :)

March is just a big ole countdown until Little Love's 2nd birthday for me. I have to admit that his birthday is somewhat bittersweet for me. "Bitter" in the sense that my baby is becoming a BIG BOY... as in no more baby. When LL was an infant it was truly impossible for me to imagine him as a toddler... especially during the first 6 months when the days/nights blended together. I remember when we lived at Grandma's (while our townhouse was being built) and my mom would come in to say good night. I thought that was so funny since there was no "night" for me... just one big long 24 hour day. Of course, I would love another week of that (just a week, though!)... to hold, rock & feed my little love again. On the "sweet" side, Adam is sooooo independent (has been since 5 months when he learned to scoot around) which is beyond wonderful (usually). Just now, when I closed the bathroom door, he insisted "No! Adam do it! Adam do it!"... he has to do everything himself these days. Believe me, I know how very fortunate we are to have such a bright, beautiful, happy & healthy (Thank You, G-d!!!) Little Love. He brings such incredible joy to us with his happy laugh, mischievous smile, cute little voice & adorable little swagger. :o)

Enough mushiness... I'm just getting so sentimental as the big #2 is approaching! Not too much has changed since the 22 month update. Adam is beginning to walk up & down the stairs (instead of crawling up & sliding down) and runs (instead of walking) when he's excited. He is also speaking longer sentences... usually 3-4 word sentences and sometimes a few sentences at once. For example, when he woke up & saw me he said: "Mama there (smile). Go downstairs (to) watch the Barney. A lot of doggies. Sleep Good". He also says things like "Where did Dada Go?", "Look what Adam did!", "Adam found a rock!", etc. He is also beginning to report things that have happened during the day. When we asked him on Friday how school (which he calls "Annie's House") was he said "Ryan Bite Rashan. He needed ice. Ryan crying for his mommy". I have no doubt this happened either b/c Ryan is a biter. Funny how Adam can tattle now. :) LL's talking is my absolute favorite thing about toddlerhood.

Adam's new favorite thing is finding spots to hide in... in his playhouse, behind his playhouse, under his crib, under tables & chairs, etc. He thinks he's very cute & clever hiding and likes "mama (to) cry" looking for him. :)

One of Adam's favorite hiding spots. He especially loves hiding when we're about to change his diaper or clothes.

We also gave him a Doctor Kit as an early birthday present. As you can see, it is pink. We believe in gender-free colors in this home (and it was the only Doctor Kit left)! :) He absolutely loves playing doctor... especially checking ears since he remembers Dr. F doing that during his last visit to the Doctor.

Wearing the pink stethoscope with pride

Checking Dada's ear... all clear!

Other ear looks good, too!

On a non-Adam note, I have been incredibly busy the past week which explains the lack of posts. There has been an incredibly stressful situation at work... won't bore you all with the details. Also, lots of fun stuff... had 2 baby showers this past week. We had High Tea at the Ritz Carlton for Pamela's shower (what a treat) and Rachel & I took out Angela & Kerry for a "mini shower" at Cheesecake Factory. Both showers were so much fun... so great to bond with the girls.

Kerry & Angela (due dates 3/9 & 3/10) with Rachel & I. Rachel made the diaper cakes... sooo nice!)

A special shout-out to Renee who gave birth to Zachary on Thursday! Congrats to Renee, Brian & Big Brother Nathan! :o)

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