Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Haven't seen this in a while...

Adam fell asleep in the car tonight... the first time he's done that in at least six months! He had a full day with Grandma today & didn't nap so I'm not too surprised. He woke up at 1 am with a low fever (last night) and then slept till normal time (7:30) this morning. He woke up sneezing & coughing with a runny nose but no fever (yay)! I had 2 doctor appointments (for me) and had a meeting at work so Adam spent the day at Grandma's house. Of course he had a great time and was in a good mood all day. He especially loved sweeping the porch with Grandma (he has his own "mini broom" there) and taking a walk to see Dakota the Dog (his favorite "real life" dog). Unfortunately, he still doesn't have an appetite but did eat Grandma's chicken noodle soup -- who wouldn't?!? It's my favorite, too. :o) He'll probably go back to school tomorrow unless his fever comes back or he's coughing excessively. Hopefully he'll be 100% by my next post!

On another note, Adam is finally beginning to outgrow his 18 month clothes (as you can probably see in this photo). His waist is tiny but he has a tummy. Time to go shopping for some 2T tops and 24 month old (yes, there is a distinction, Mom) pants! We have lots of cute stuff from Cousins Jake, Evan & Zach but are in need of some additional clothes. Works for me... I *love* to shop for Adam!!! So fun!!! :o)

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McTriplet Mommy said...

Thank you SO MUCH for your generous donation to our March for Babies team! I'm sure after reading about the boys and their struggles - and triumphs - you can understand why this cause is so important to me!!

Yes - isn't it hilarious how 24 months and 2T are different... as he gets older, even 4T and plain 4 are different! He is getting so big!!

Take care, talk soon,