Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mr. Independent

I keep thinking of Kelly Clarkson's song "Miss Independent" when I think of Adam... Boy, is he ever (well, besides the "miss" part)! Adam has always been an independent kid... he likes to know mama & dada are around but then likes to run around without a care in the world. The past week, though, he has really taken it up a notch. He wants to do *everything*. I hear the term "Adam do it. Adam do it!!!" more times a day then I hear Mama (or close to it)! And if he isn't given the opportunity to "do it"... watch out! He is not a happy camper if he isn't given the chance to do something himself. Just today, Adam wanted to...

1. Pour the milk into his sippy cup... himself
2. Turn on/off all the lights... himself
3. Close all the doors (which he can still just reach)... himself
4. Open and close the safety gates... himself
5. Buckle himself into the carseat. He can actually do the top part but not the bottom, much to his frustration.
6. Take off his shoes... himself (he can undo the velcro, but that's about it. He had a fit when I "helped him" by taking them off)... as well as his socks (he can pretty easily do) and his shirt (can do once I pull one arm out of the sleeve... which of course he has a fit about).
7. Push the garage door opener (when leaving the house)
8. Push the button on the remote to unlock the car
9. Push the on/off buttons on the remote control for the TV
10. Push the buttons on the microwave

As mentioned above, if Adam doesn't get to do it OR if he struggles with something and needs a little assistance, he has an absolute fit (usually)... "ADAM DO IT! ADAM DO IT! ADAM DO IT!"

As mentioned in the previous post, Steven & I ARE truly thankful that he is so independent & confident. Really, we are. That being said, we now are beginning to understand how "The Terrible 2s" got their name!!!

And now,a rare quiet moment with Little Love:

Yes, I realize it's yet another photo of Adam sleeping. It's been really busy over here during the days and I keep forgetting my camera! However, I can guarantee that there will be a *TON* of photos taken this weekend for Adam's birthday!

Adam still LOVES the bumpers! Fortunately, he hasn't used them as a "stepping stool" to get out of the crib. Yet. He really just loves to sleep in his crib & it's the only time he's in there so I'm hoping this will not change!!!

Big Crib. Little Child.

In other news, we would like to wish a special congrats to Pamela, Mike & Addie on the addition of the newest member of the family. Can't wait to meet the little guy!

We also would like to wish a very happy birthday to Tomas & a belated happy birthday to Nathan. We're so sorry we missed both of your parties. Happy, Happy #2!!! :o)


Anonymous said...

beware... we found with the J-man that the terrible twos? were pretty terrific compared to the terrible threes!

Sarah said...
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beth and melinda said...

we would love to see you and the big guy soon
we are just going to HAVE to make a date and go with it