Thursday, December 11, 2008

Really Sick :(

Little Love woke up at 1 am, calling for me. I went in to pick him up and he was HOT. Woke Steven up and we took his temperature... 102.3! Took him to the Dr... he has sinusitis (which I guess is a sinus infection?), the beginning of a right ear infection and his throat is red with green pus. Nice. His fever spiked up to 103.3 around 4, when the tylenol wore off. We started him on Children's Motrin which, Thank G-d, has lowered his temperature to about 101.5. When his temperature is above that, he is miserable -- sleepy, clingy, etc. The crazy thing is when his temp. was at 101.2 (the lowest it's been), he was in a great mood... smiling and even playing... he even ate 1/2 of Grandma's meatballs and a graham cracker. It is very hard for LL not to be happy and playful. Now of course when his temp is 102 or higher... not so happy.

Main problem is Adam REFUSES to take any medication. We have been able to put the tylenol or motrin in his cup with juice and he drinks that. We're really struggling with the antibiotic, though. It is a tutti-frutti flavor but that doesn't seem to help. We mixed it in with his milk... and he only drank about 2/3 of it. Steven squirted it into his mouth... let's just say, it all came back up. The nurse said to wait until morning to give the antibiotic so hopefully it will go smoother then. We have a loooong night ahead as Adam will only sleep, when he's sick, if he's being held.

We're just hoping that his fever breaks soon and he's back to his happy little self. This really IS his first "real illness" besides cold/cough since he never did have a staph infection. He only had one other temperature and that only lasted four hours. I'm pretty sure it was due to his one-year molars coming in, too. Let's just hope this is short-lived... my poor little love. :(


Amanda said...

Poor Adam! I hope he feels better soon :(

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