Wednesday, December 17, 2008

After a rough morning, doing better

After Adam promptly threw up his entire breakfast & bottle and fell back asleep on the couch, he had a relatively decent day. I kept him at home (for the above reasons) and my mom (beloved GRANDMA!!!) came over to be with LL. She said he was affectionate and sweet for most of the day but a little bit more aggressive than usual. I'm hoping it's b/c he's still not feeling 100% and not for any other reason! Oh, his rash is almost all gone, too. Yay! I'm really hoping to get back into a more normal routine tomorrow. It's been exactly 1 week (well, at 1 AM) since I discovered that he was sick. I think 1 week of illness is enough, don't you?!?

Oh, many thanks to all of you who have left comments, wrote e-mails, made calls, asked me how Adam was doing, etc. I am very appreciative!!!

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namaste said...

I'm commenting on your question about hitting. I think it was a combination of my interventions along with Danny's fickle nature that has eased up on the hitting. Basically if he hit me with something, that something went into "time out." If he hit me with his hand, I'd grab his hand and very firmly say "no hitting." I've also put him in (a 30 second) time out before - him facing the bathroom door and looking very repentant. Basically I've figured out that Danny (can only speak for my son) hits when he's overtired or overstimulated, so that's my cue to hurry along the nighttime or naptime activities.

Sorry, not much advice to offer, but it's all I've got.