Friday, December 5, 2008

Adam-isms & some updates :o)

Here are some of the amusing phrases that have been coming out of Adam's mouth these days before I completely forget about them... and they're too funny to forget about :o):

* Tonight, Adam was "vacuuming" (with his toy vacuum cleaner) and ran into a pile of toys and said "Oops. Sorry". He was completely serious.

* Every night he asks to watch "Wheel. Of. FORTUNE!!!!". He says it exactly like the announcer does. Seriously. Probably since he's been watching it with me since in utero.

* Adam loves "calling" people on the phone, especially Bobbe. He always goes "Hi Bobbe"!
Talking on the phone with Great Aunt Linda on Thanksgiving

* LL knows exactly what he wants and isn't shy in telling you. For example, he'll say, "See Grandma". I hear this A LOT! Yesterday, on the way to Grandma's house, he even cheered: "Grandma. Grandma. Grandma" and said "Grandma's House"! Adam LOVES his Grandma -- she really is the best, I have to say. She sees him at least 2-3x a week... they are SO CLOSE. Personally, I think it's crutial that kids have that all-important bond with their grandparents and that grandparents should see their grandkids as much as possible. I always felt so loved by my Grandma (Omi) and I still miss her terribly. I just thought of her today when I saw a crocheted (spelling?) baby blanket at Brandy's baby shower. Oh, would she have loved Adam. She would probably have thought he's a little wild, too! She always thought Joey was wild (he was)! :o)

* When we pulled in the garage tonight, Adam said "HOME" without me saying anything.

* Yesterday, Steven asked him what picture Adam liked in the living room. He pointed to a picture and said "That one". Then he pointed to ANOTHER picture and said "AND that one".

* He still is VERY PICKY about his music choices in the car. He'll usually tell me what he wants to listen to which is usually Barney, Elmo or a specific song. His current favorites are "Muffin Man" and "Have you seen my Doggy"? Yesterday, he hugged and swung his Doggy around with a big grin during the Doggy song. I almost got into an accident b/c I positioned the rearview mirror to look at HIM b/c he was so unbelievably adorable during that song!!! He'll also say "Another song" or "Again" during/after each/every song. His song choices change daily.

* If he falls, he'll say "I fall down" and/or "What Happened?" (or he... um... cries in pain -- fortunately this doesn't happen often -- knock on wood!!!).

And last, but certainly not least, Adam's new favorite word is... NO!!!
As in - Mama: "Adam, let's change your diaper". Adam: "NO diaper! NO diaper! NO!"
Fun times. No, seriously, I love my little chatterbox SO MUCH!!! :o)

In other news...
-- The MNO and Baby Shower for Brandy went very well... except for the Party City trip with Adam last night. He was SPRINTING through the store, pulling everything out. He even managed to lose a shoe (fortunately, it was found -- after we got home, of course). I do NOT recommend taking a toddler to Party City!!!

-- I've made some headway (is that the right word?!?) on my research project due Wed. Still have A LOT of work to do this weekend, though.

-- Adam is continuing to LOVE school (Thank G-d)! Miss Annie and Miss Nas are AMAZING teachers and seem to truly adore Adam. Adam also loves his little friends there and recites their names every night: Jack(ie), Olivia, Connor, and Nila.

-- My mom (aka the infamous Grandma) thinks that Adam is ready to potty train since he promptly tells us when he has poo-ed ("Poo"). He always LOVES to pee on the floor whenever he can... and he knows it's "Pee". But, to be honest, I really have NO DESIRE to potty train him yet. It's just so... messy. Plus, with him at Montessori 3X a week, his schedule is inconsistent. I think we might officially begin the process when he turns 2... in less than 4 months... OMG!!! My heart!!!

Think that's all I have for you. Happy Weekend!

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Amanda said...

IT is absolutely amazing how fast he is learning and how many new things he is picking up! I know it blows your mind! Wow!