Monday, December 15, 2008

Guess what happened this morning?

Steven & I were thrilled to wake up this morning with the realization that Adam slept the whole night through -- in his crib! It was the first time since he got sick at 1AM on Thursday morning. Yay! We packed his lunch, got his clothes out, etc. I felt his head... nice & cool. He was still asleep when I left for work and I was looking forward to getting back into our regular routine.

All was going well until 8:15 am when I get a call from... Steven. Telling me that Adam woke up with POKS ALL OVER!!! AAGH!!! I impulsively grabbed my stuff and headed to the school's office to tell them that Adam is sick... once again. At that exact moment, my mom called... Steven had filled her in and she googled the symptoms on the Mayo Clinic web site (go mom!) and decided that he has roseola. Now my mom is an extremely intelligent woman but I thought it would be best to get a diagnosis from the doctor. So off we went, back to the doctor, for the 3rd time in 5 days!!! Fortunately, there's an elevator in the building... Adam's absolute favorite. He was yelling "Bye Bye, Elevator" all down the hall!

Anyway, she was right... Dr. K diagnosed Adam with roseola... a virus that starts with a high fever and ends with a nasty rash. His face, chest, stomach, neck and back are covered. Lovely. We were told to stop the antibiotics (yay) and take it easy... Adam should be fine in a day or two. Of course, it could also be a reaction to the arithomycin but the Doctor doubts it. Besides Adam being a little sleepier and more irritable than usual, he was in a relatively good mood today. And no fever, Thank G-d!!!

Hopefully by Wednesday this saga will be over and we'll all be happy (& HEALTHY) again! Have a great week everyone!
As you can see, nothing slows Little Love down. Here he is, standing on his bus... his new favorite thing to do.

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Sarah said...

Poor little guy...he's having a tough winter!! Hugs to him that he gets feeling better soon!