Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Busy Mama!

After a slew of posts, my blog writing has slowed down. Mainly due to exhaustion. These are some of the events that have interfered with blog writing:

1. HUGE research project due in my graduate class next Wednesday which is 70% of our grade. Ask how much I have done so far (actually, don't ask...).

2. I'm planning a baby shower for a co-worker, Brandy, on Friday. Fortunately, I ordered the "specialty Pooh cake" this evening and finished buying baby shower gitts (of course I *love* baby showers) tonight. Only problem is that it's a surprise shower and I, um, accidentally said -- "I bought the cutest outfit for your shower" -- to Brandy yesteday. Oops!!! We both pretended like I didn't say anything. Let's hope she still acts surprised on Friday!!!

3. I'm also planning a Mom's Night Out for some neighborhood friends from our Shabbat Club for Thursday night. All I need to do is make the reservation now... looks like we'll have a good turn-out. :)

4. Trying to function on 3-5 hours of sleep each night. This is tough. Adam is usually a great sleeper but he he has a bad cold & cough right now so he woke up constantly last night and was only comforted when he was being held. So I slept 3 hours last night. Fortunately, he took a 3 hour nap today so I caught up on my zzz(s) a bit this afternoon. Here's a photo of Adam (and Dada) sleeping at 3:12 A.M.:

5. Abby is coming this weekend!!! Yay!!! Abby is a very dear friend and I'm so excited she'll be in town. Only issue is... hmm... I have to actually prepare the house for the visit (aka -- "clean up!" as our friend Barney would say).

Think that's about it. Thanks for letting me vent!!! At least these are all really happy things to keep me busy... I'm so very thankful for that. Speaking of happy things, Adam had a great time at Parker's 2nd birthday party at the House of Bounce on Saturday. Here are some pics:

The adorable blond tot is the birthday girl, Parker

Not the greatest quality of photos but Adam was a moving target so I'm lucky I even got one shot (no pun intended!). Oh, look for more Thanksgiving pics later this week... I was able to retrieve the T'giving photos (yay)!

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Katy said...

What's a Shabbat club?

Sounds like you're really busy! It think it's that time of year.