Monday, January 25, 2010

"I'm not a baby! I'm a big boy!" & other recent Adam-isms (and a potty update - fun stuff!)

My apologies for being a blog slacker the past few weeks. I can't find my camera (very stressful) which has, of course, prevented me from taking my almost daily photos. Above are a few pictures I took of Adam playing in the bath a few weeks ago. He loves "swimming like a shark" and drawing (with his bath crayons) these days. And splashing. I tried taking some new pics on Steven's B.Berry but they didn't turn out too hot (shocker). As a result, I'm taking a lot more videos with my awesome fl.ip camera. I've taken lots of mini-videos for months now but they take FOREVER to download onto the blog... which is why you haven't seen more (lucky you?!?)! In this video clip, you can hear Adam counting and talking... just hanging out... I love his little voice! Oh, he managed to turn his new kitchen sideways in this clip, I'm noticing. Not a big fan of MY voice... just listen to Adam's, please. =)

Adam continues to crack us up on a daily basis. He just says the funniest things. Today when I picked him up from school (he is now -- finally -- calling it that, as opposed to Miss Annie's House), the first thing he said (after "Hiiiii Mommy!") was "I Didn't Hit!". That's my boy (yeh, we've had some problems with hitting the past few months -- a whole other topic!).

Other recent "Adam-isms" have been:

-- "I love you, Mommy. You're the best Mommy. You're the favorite" (ahh, music to my ears)

-- "Thank you, Mommy! Thank you, Daddy!"

-- "That's a good idea!" (he says that ALL THE TIME now!)

-- "That'll be cool!" (obviously I had another "good idea" when he said that)! =)

-- Adam has been saying "thank you" for a looong time but now he says it with such enthusiasm. You could give him a piece of lint and he is as appreciative as if you gave him a million bucks. It's very cute. He's also into saying "Hi" and "Hello" these days. We're still working on "please", though... we have to remind him to say "please" the majority of the time.

-- "I'm not a Baby. I'm a Big Boy!" -- Adam says this all the time now...whatever you do, don't call Little Love a "baby" these days... as he's a BIG BOY! =)

Also, this is not an "Adam-ism" but I thought it was cute... tonight Steven and I were talking about how we're going to buy him a "real bed" (as opposed to his toddler bed soon). He said "Nooo, I like my white bed with the blue on top"... so sweet. So we'll probably wait to buy one since he's obviously quite happy in his toddler bed. Except when he falls out... which he still does a few times a month.

In other Adam news... potty training is going pretty well. He now wears underwear (instead of pul.l-ups) at school and usually can get through the day without accidents. I still have him in pul.l-ups when we're home since we're out and about so much. I guess I have to get used to the idea that he'll be using public toilets (ugh). I already bought potty covers! Regarding "#2", he went by himself for the first time yesterday in the potty (well, technically it was the 1st time since we introduced the potty to him almost a year ago). So that was exciting (wow, what we find exciting these days...!). However, he insisted on wearing a pul.l-up tonight to "poo in". So guess it will take a little bit more time for him to be completely ready/toilet-trained. My goal is for him to be 100% potty-trained (except for when he's sleeping) by his birthday... so I have 2 months left! We'll see what happens.

That's about it for now. Can't believe my baby (I mean, BIG BOY) will be 3 in 2 months (& 1 day)!

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