Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Sick... UGH :O(

Look at that face! Oh, do I love that face!!! What I don't love is that my precious little love is STILL sick (I'm HATING that)!!!

So..... Adam did relatively well last night. No fever and slept till about 4:30 AM when he woke up screaming for Dada. The funny(?) thing is that the only time Adam screams for Dada (instead of Mama) is when he's sick (or scared). Sure enough, ever since he's gotten sick, he's called for Dada. Right now as we speak, Dada & Adam are laying down together (it's very sweet -- well, maybe not so much for Dada. He really wants his bed). Anyway... Adam woke up at 4:30 and slept with Steven on the couch until I woke them on my way out to work at 7. Mom then came at 8 to so Steven could go to work. Adam had a very low grade temperature (around 99.5, I believe) and was very happy and playful (but had no appetite) until about 4 when his fever came back (around 101). After he took some Tylenol, he was happy again. Until 8 pm when the tylenol wore off and he had a fever of 102. UGH!!! I spoke to the Dr. on call (actually it was a nurse practitioner) and she said it sounds like a virus, but who knows what?!? She recommended Children's Motrin.

So, we gave him Children's Motrin. Have I mentioned previously that Adam HATES medicine with a passion? He was hysterical. He was all happy previously, even giggling, while watching Barney (the new one On Demand: Practice Music).

Here's how happy he was pre-medicine:

And this was Adam's face (2 min. later)once he heard "medicine":

Oh, my poor little love. He protested & protested and spit half the motrin out. So he only got half the dose. He was so upset with me for giving him medicine that he actually said "Mama Go to Work"... Steven and I couldn't keep from chuckling at that since he HATES it when I go to work. He also asked to "go to sleep" and "take a nap"... did I mention that Adam HATES medicine?!?

He got about 1/2 the dose in so his fever dropped to 100.5 and then he started sweating in his sleep. We're pretty sure his fever has completely broken, at least for now. FOR GOOD, I HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE!!! If not, off to the Dr. tomorrow. UGH. Have I mentioned that I HATE it when my little love is sick?!? And that he hasn't eaten anything except 1/4 of a bagel and a piece of apple in 2 days?!? UGH!!!

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E, SS and the Little Man said...

That must be tough. I'll have to remember to count my blessings on that one the next time Teo is sick. He doesn't mind Tylenol, or the nasty pink penicillin. Those are the only medicines he's had.