Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He Did It.

Ever since Little Love learned how to pull up to stand (at 8.5 months), I have been terrified that he would learn how to climb out or fall out of his crib. Actually, within the week he learned to pull up, I bought a crib tent AND two extra bumpers (thought I would double them up so he wouldn't be able to climb out. I realized right away that wasn't the brightest idea and returned the extra bumpers)! Tried to get the crib tent up... the $80 crib tent, I might add... wasn't happening. It is stored somewhere, never used, in our garage. As you all know, Adam loves to sleep (or he did, at least). So I never was too concerned about him climibing out of his crib since he usually goes right into his corner, grabs his doggies, and goes to sleep. If he's not ready for bed, or calls for me, I usually get him right away and sing to him (or something) so he won't even THINK about climbing out. Well, you know what I'm leading up to...


I almost had a heart attack.

Long story short, LL did NOT want to go to bed tonight. He was doing EVERYTHING to procrastinate... "read book, water, no - chocolate milk, no - water, sit in chair, lie down on carpet, one more minute, one more minute, one more minute, etc." Seriously. This lasted for an HOUR. Why didn't we just let him cry it out, you may be thinking. Good question. The reason why is because we were scared that he would try to climb out his crib (mother's intuition or maybe b/c when we did try to let him CIO we heard him yet "Get Out!" and saw his leg hanging over the crib). So... we kept trying to get him sleepy... usually we'll sing, tell stories, etc. and then he'll say "sleep" which is the sign that he's ready. Except he never said that.

Eventually, I put him back in the crib, as he was yelling for water, and went to ask Steven to bring up water. Literally less than 2 minutes later I hear a bang. And I knew. I ran in and Adam was standing (I think he was standing, and not sitting... I was in a state of panic so it's hard to remember) right next to his crib. OH MY G-D. He looked kinda shocked and was crying (not his "hurt" cry, though) and started crying for water again. Seriously.... I panicked... I still am a little upset since I don't know how he got out. Steven thinks he climbed out which I think is the case, too. But what if he fell out and landed on his head.... those of you who know me IRL know that head injuries are a fear of mine. Total panic kicked in. Even Steven was a little freaked out and surprised. Adam was acting TOTALLY FINE though... not hurt or anything. So we're hoping it was a climb as opposed to a fall.

Now, what to do??? We could try the crib tent (with help assembling it, of course), but knowing Adam, it won't work. He'll spend hours trying to undo it and will probably hate it... I just can't see it working. I'm not ready to convert his crib into the toddler bed either (even though it may come down to that). I just don't know what to do at this point. Anyone else been here and have some ideas??? Thanks in advance for helping this (slightly) panicked 1st time Mom (can ya tell?)!!!


In other news, Adam is feeling MUCH better. Yay! Turned out to be a 48 hour virus after all. I took him in to the Dr. this morning (since he had a slight temp/little appetite) when he woke up. Dr. W said he probably has mild rotavirus (stomach flu) and should be better by tonight. He was right, yay! Adam stayed fever-free the rest of the day (I so appreciated "cool foreheads" now!), was very playful and for the most part, 100% himself. When he woke up from his (4 hour!) nap (he had been up a lot the past few nights, so I guess he needed that sleep), he asked for chocolate milk and gulped it down. Then he ate a full dinner of macaroni & beef, as seen below:

Back to normal & eating! :o) Which is a good thing, b/c his weight is still on the low side (24.5 lbs... I think he lost 1 lb. in the 2.5 days of no eating). Anyway, as you can tell, there is never a dull moment in LL's Home!


E, SS and the Little Man said...

We changed Teo's crib to a toddler bed when he was 18 and a half months (back in Nov). There have been no problems. He can't open doors yet, so we have that on our side. He tends to stay in his bed and just call for us though. I don't know if that is just a habit from when it was a crib, or if it is because at daycare there is a rule that they can't leave the sleeping mat (if they wake up after their nap) until Teresa tells them to.

I'd recommend changing it to a toddler bed. Now that he knows how to get out, I think he will keep trying. Good luck!

Getz Gang said...

we kept our boys in cribs until at least 3! We went through 4 crib tents but well worth the money. We even had to secure the zipper with a safety pin because they figured out how to unzip them.

If you put him in a big boy bed, there's no going back and there's no guarantee he'll stay in it. Emma stayed in hers and would call for us in the morning but not the boys. As soon as they woke up...no matter what time of the night, they showed up at our bed. I think it's too early.

Beth and Melinda said...

I think when they are 30in thay are supposed to move to a toddler bed or maytbe its 33 inches....
when we gonna see you??

Amanda said...

OMG, how scary. I'm glad he's okay!!! Please update when you guys figure out what you're goign to do!