Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birmingham, Day 3

During our 3rd day in Birmingham (last Wednesday), we took Adam to the zoo. It was our 3rd time there (Adam's 2nd). The B'ham Zoo is really lovely... beautiful landscaping and very kid-friendly. Adam enjoyed the animals but he mostly liked running around the place. He actually was more excited to see a dog in the neighborhood then the tigers up-close but enjoyed being out & about. Here are some pics from the zoo:

Checking out the tigers

Strolling the zoo with Daddy

Adam loved this bunny statue at the zoo

Adam giving Mama a kiss

Mama reciprocating the kiss :o)

Self portrait of Mama & Adam

Of course, Adam's favorite part of the day was reuniting with his cousins!

Passover pics later this week! Happy "almost weekend"! :o)

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