Saturday, April 18, 2009

Apple Juice (aka "Baby Crack")

Adam is addicted to apple juice. Seriously. He is a hard-core Apple Juice Addict. I didn't think this was possible until my friend Christy P. told me that apple juice is "Baby Crack" (as in crack cocaine). And then it all made sense.

The daily 20 minute long tantrums for apple juice. The sobbing & screaming requests for apple juice several times a day. The hurling of any cups that do not contain apple juice.

Adam has been in an apple juice withdrawal program for a few days now. He is having a difficult time with it. At least 10 times a day he asks for it. Some times he'll ask for another drink (such as chocolate milk -- yay! -- I make it with "no sugar added" Nestle Quik) and he'll say, before he takes a sip, "Apple juice at Grandma's House". And he's okay with it. Othertimes, he *FLIPS* out into complete meltdown mode, like when he woke up from his nap today. He must have screamed for apple juice for at least 20 minutes. I was so proud of myself for ignoring him, not getting upset and, most importantly, not giving in (not that we have any apple juice in the house, anyway). I kept telling him "water or chocolate milk". Finally he surrendered on me and asked for chocolate milk.

After the infamous Apple Juice Meltdown, we had a nice afternoon. The weather was just gorgeous so we headed out to the playground near Wegman's that he loved. We finished the day with mint ice-cream from Cold Stone Creamery. It was a really nice, apple-juice-free day. :o)


Amanda said...

LOL, thanks for the warning!

Anonymous said...

careful! no-sugar nestle quik has artificial sweeteners...good for a child?

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Yikes...that sounds tough. I remember my niece being addicted to apple juice too. It scared me, so we kept Teo off any juice until just recently (and we water it down a lot). Luckily he's been a great water and milk drinker.

We're having amazing weather here too!

Sarah said...

We're not even going to start the whole juice thing at our's water or milk for Claire..or so I say that now, right!?!? LOL. He's one tough little cookie...and cute as can be too!