Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WordY Wednesday: Buddha Belly, eating, talking & Grandma's back!

Adam has eaten beautifully the last 2 days which is evidenced by his Buddha Belly! Yay! However, Miss Annie at Montessori did mention that Adam still refuses to eat & gets all upset at mealtimes sometimes (shakes & cries???... but only when it's time to eat). I told her not to force him to eat (obviously) and that he never has been a great eater (is that a word?). Still, it's frustrating and upsetting hearing this. He has been sick on/off with a cold/cough for the last month which I'm sure contributed to this. He seems to finally be rid of it (let's just hope it doesn't come back. AGAIN) so his appetite seems to finally be back. Not sure what I can do when he doesn't want to eat... any suggestions out there (besides not forcing him, give him what he likes, etc) or new (& easy) meal ideas? Any feedback would be much appreciated!

On a lighter note, Adam talks in 4 or 5 word sentences contantly now. The cutest phrases come out of his mouth. Yesterday, he climbed onto a big chair and said, I quote, "Such a big boy!" :O) We also *really* need to watch what we say. A few weeks ago we were in the car when someone cut Steven off, nearly causing an accident. Without thinking, Steven said "F%@* It!"... forgetting that Adam was in the car. Yesterday Adam & I were headed to the library when I drove over a ridiculously huge speed bump... and I heard a little voice say, I kid you not, "F&*% It"! I could not believe my ears!!! Admittedly, it was quite funny but at the same time, I do not want my 2 year old cursing (obviously)! I explained to Adam that wasn't a nice thing to say. Let's hope he doesn't say it again for another 20 years or so!!!

Last, but certainly not least, Grandma's back from CA!!! Yay!!! We missed her so much. She had a great time with Uncle Steven/Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Joey/Aunt Hillary in LA, Newport Beach, etc. We're just so glad she's home. Of course, Adam asked her to cook him turkey right away. :o) Welcome home, Mom!!!

Yahoo! Grandma's back from California!!!

More pictures from our Birmingham trip later this week (hopefully tomorrow)!


E, SS and the Little Man said...

It looks like you had a great time on your trip.

Our pediatrician told us that children don't grow as much in their second year of life, so I don't worry about Teo eating too little. I think he gets all the nutrients and calories he needs when it averages out over a week.

I would be pretty shocked if I heard Teo saying "F*@% it" too. :) They are such little sponges.

Amanda said...

I love the Buddha belly!!

And thanks for the reminder to watch my mouth. Haha.