Monday, April 20, 2009

a lovely day

Steven, Adam & I had a lovely afternoon yesterday. The weather was perfect so we took advantage of it by stopping by a neighborhood playground. Adam loved climbing up everything and even went on the "big boy swing" by himself! He never has been a big fan of swings but I think it's b/c he didn't like being contained in the bucket seats (he's not a big fan of the car seat or high chair, either)! I was asking Steven last night why can't all days be weekend days? Wouldn't that be SWEET?!? :o)

Ending the day with Sesame Street & Mama:
Mama loves her little love SOOOO Much!!!

P.S. I usually don't write too much about my favorite Mommy Blogs (there are several that I follow & adore) but this family has really touched my heart: Stellan is a little boy (only 5 months old) who is having heart surgery tomorrow. Please keep Stellan & his family in your thoughts.

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