Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adam's sick. Again. (HUGE SIGH).

Unfortunately, the old saying is true... kids get sick in daycare. UGH. Can I just say that until Adam was 20 months old, all he ever had were colds (some bad, but just colds/coughs, no fever)? Around 19 months (?), we thought he had Staph but it was just his sensitive skin. Keep in mind that he started Montessori at 17 months. Then at 20 months, he contacts roseola and was quite sick (scary high temp of 104, rash, etc.) It seems like every month since then, he has a virus of some sort... nothing serious, Thank G-d, but some low grade temps and LOT of colds. Thought we were over "sick season" as the weather is finally nice... but apparently not.

Around 11 this morning, Adam felt HOT, wasn't hungry for lunch, and threw up his fruit from breakfast. We thought it was just from him running around in the sun (even though my Mama intuition kicked in and I knew it was something more). After his nap, he had a genuine fever (of about 101) and was acting really sleepy... just wanting to lay down... not at all himself. We gave him some tylenol and he gulped down some apple juice (a special treat since he's sick and we don't need him to get dehydrated on top of everything else!). Then, 10 minutes later... well, you can guess what happened. Juice everywhere... on Adam, me, the couch, the carpet, etc. It gave LL a surprise burst of energy, though... he kept saying "I threw up. Need wipes. Need paper towel. Threw up on Mama and floor. Clean up." Then he settled back down and Grandma came over a few minutes later. The tylenol seemed to kick in around then b/c all of a sudden, he was demanding that Grandma "make eggs", was playing in his house, "writing" (his new favorite thing) jumping on our bed, etc... acting totally fine. We thought were clear. Not so fast. Around 9 pm, he suddenly felt hot again and, sure enough, fever was back... 102. Gave him some motrin this time and he quickly fell asleep. Felt much cooler shortly after that. I'm going to keep checking on him throughout the night, of course. I'm sooo hoping that his fever is gone for good & he's feeling like himself again... please, please, please. I get so nervous and upset when he's sick... I imagine these horrible "worst case scenarios" (Googling doesn't help. Shocker).

Grandma's coming over tomorrow to watch LL since I can't miss any work. I'll update again tomorrow... hopefully with a "he's better" title!!! My poor little love. :o(

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Nita said...

Oh no, I hope the little guy feels better and soon! I hope it's just a quicky stomach bug that passes soon.

I also hope you get some rest tonight, although since you commented on my blog about 15 min ago, I don't know that you are. :) Sweet dreams.