Monday, April 6, 2009

Ready for 'BAMA

We are leaving for Birmingham, Alabama to see Bobbe & Zayde (& Aunt Samantha, Evan, Zach,& Jake... Uncle Jeff will join us on Wednesday) in just a few hours! Hooray!

I'm feeling about 60% better. My sinus headache is under control for the most part (thank goodness) so I can function, at least. I'm still coughing (even with the Mucinex) and my nose is like a faucet (sorry... TMI). But we are definitely ready to go!!!

Few quick updates...

* I was starting to feel better yesterday so we finally got Adam to to buy some new shoes! His previous shoes (from 6 months ago) were a size 6W... now he's a size 7 (regular). His shoes were still fitting so we didn't know that they feet grew a whole size... poor thing was wearing too small shoes! :o( Well, we bought him some awesome gray Sau.cony sneakers... they are so flipping cool... I wanted to buy Steven a pair. The store is also changing ownership so everything (besides the awesome sneaks, of course) were on super sale. We also bought a pair of black sandals (they were out of brown) and some cute octopus swim shoes for only $10 each. Nice! I also stopped by Gymboree and made an exchange of some winter clothes LL never had a chance to wore. I got him 3 new pairs of 24 month pants (finally!!!) and 3 new tops including one that says "My Mom Rocks"... love it!!! :o)

* Adam, who usually LOVES going down for a nap & sleep at night, has recently been rebelling against it (ugh). I don't know if it's b/c he knows there's a change (Steven & I aren't at work, he's not at Montessori) or if it's just a "2 Thing". Regardless, it's quite annoying. He wants to now sleep in the "bed" which we have never allowed him to do. He also requests each & every thing he can think of ("another book", "apple juice", "chocolate milk") etc. Then he cries. & cries (lovely). Finally he'll settle down (usually after a story) and request "sleep". Since his whole sleep routine is changing this week anyway (due to our trip) we aren't too concerned yet. Needless to say, we *are* concerned about him sleeping (or lack of) in Birmingham. Wish us luck. Seriously... we're going to need it!

* Special shout-out to GRANDMA who left yesterday to visit Uncle Steven/Aunt Elizabeth & Uncle Joey/Aunt Hillary in Los Angeles. We miss you all and wish we could be sharing our Passover Seders with you all, too. Too bad we can't be in two places at once, huh?!?

That's about it over here. I'll try to post this week but no promises since I don't have a laptop. Will definitely update with tons of photos next weekend! I'll leave you now with some photos of LL reading his new favorite book (circa 1994, I believe, I got it at a yard sale for .25 cents) "Barney Visits the Dentist":

Have a great week everyone!!!

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