Friday, April 24, 2009

Birmingham, Days 4 - 6 (IN PHOTOS!)

Since our wonderful vacation in Birmingham ended almost 2 weeks ago, the time has come to wrap up our trip. Here is a "photo journey" of our last 3 days in B'ham:

Playing with Zayde and ZB, the neighborhood cat

Watching Zach, Evan and Jake swim in Bobbe & Zayde's pool. Adam also loved watching them play football with Dada!

Adam watching Jake about to take a dive into the pool... and really wanting to jump in himself!

We spent a few hours at this lovely playground in B'ham (more pictures in an additional post). If you look carefully, you can see Evan, Jake, Zach and Uncle Jeff! Adam was sitting with Dada on the swing next to Evan (not seen in photo)

Of course, a trip to B'ham would not be complete without a stop at The Summit, the fabulous outdoor shopping center. Here we are at our favorite bookstore, Bar.nes & N.oble. Are you loving Adam's T-shirt as much as I am?!? :o)

Getting a tickle from Aunt Samantha

Watching cartoons on Bobbe & Zayde's bed

Adam loved playing with "Baby Ball" and hiding them in these containers

Saying the Kiddush with Zayde at our Shabbat Dinner

Football... it's in the H genes, what can I say? :o)

Cooking with Bobbe

Lounging with Zayde

SOOO happy

There's my airplane! Bye Bye, Birmingham. Hope to be back again real soon!!!

As you can (literally) see, we had such a fantastic time in Birmingham. Thanks for everything, Bobbe & Zayde!!!

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