Monday, April 6, 2009

Birmingham, Day 1 -- UPDATED WITH PHOTOS

We're in Birmingham! I'm glad to report that we had a good trip. Adam was very excited about the airport, plane ride, etc. He wore his new Puma tracksuit and vintage-like T (thanks, Uncle Steven & Aunt Elizabeth for the b-day gift!)and his new gray Saucony sneaks. Such a cute (& cool)traveler!!! :o)

So... Adam was so excited about everything that he missed his regular nap. He got overtired at the airport and the flight was delayed. Only by 30 minutes but 30 minutes is a looooong time when you're with an overtired 2-year-old!!! Fortunately, he fell asleep shortly after boarding the plane and slept the whole trip.

When we arrived in B'ham, Zayde was there to meet us. Adam was expecting cousins Jakey, Evan and Zach so he flipped out a bit... refused to hug or even look at Zayde, just saying "No" and "Jakey!"... not his usual friendly self. He chilled out (fortunately) in the car and was sooo excited to see his cousins when we got to the house!!! They played & played and then watched Barney (Adam's requests... Barney and apple juice). The best news... Adam actually slept in the crib without a fight!!! AMAZING!!! Steven & I layed down with him on the bed first... talked to him, sang to him, told him stories... and then I gave him a pep talk about the crib and "don't be scared" and he went right to the crib... grabbed his doggies, went to a corner & went to sleep! SOOOO relieved about this. Now who knows how the night will go but so far, so good. Yay!!! :o)

I'm feeling pretty congested... hope it will clear up a bit tomorrow. Really nice being here with everyone. Hope everyone is doing well! Will try to update again tomorrow night! :o)

Daddy & Adam at curbside check-in at Dulles Airport (cute tracksuit, huh?)

Adam had his own seat now that he's the big 2! Of course, he slept on us 90% of the time... not that we're complaining.

Cousins reunited!

Cousins Chilling :o)


Ms. Perky said...

You asked if I can take photos on Pesach - not on the actual days of Yom Tov (so first and second days and seventh and eight days). But the intervening days, no problem. So no pictures at the sedarim themselves. But I did get plenty of cute pictures of J-man's model seder at school, which was all kinds of fun.

Uncle Stevela.... said...

Yes, adorable track suit.. Where did he get it?