Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birmingham, Day 2

We are back from our trip to Birmingham, Alabama! We had a great time and are sad that our vacation is over. As you can see, I was not able to post any more in B'ham during our visit. However, I did add a few pics from the first day post if you want to check them out. :o)

During out 2nd day in B'ham, we went downtown to visit the McWane Science Center. Steven and I went years ago, pre-Adam. Needless to say, we saw it with completely different eyes this time! Adam had a ball -- he especially loved playing in the auto garage, grocery store and water table. It is an *awesome* place to go with kids!

Of course, the highlight of the day (of the week!) was playing with Cousins Jake, Evan & Zach. Adam woke up every morning asking for them. He absolutely *ADORES* them and the feelings seem to be mutual. Watching them play together is so wonderful. Since Evan & Zach are identical twins, Adam usually called them both "EvanZachie" and sometimes even "JakeyEvanZach"... being the laid-back kids they are, they didn't seem to mind. They really are THE BEST COUSINS (and nephews). Can you tell I'm missing them?

Playing blocks with Evan & Zach

The boys are excellent piano players...

Look at Jake's missing tooth!!!

Adam LOVES B'ham!

More on Day 3 tomorrow! Time to go to sleep as it's back to work in the morning (grr... wish I had one more week of spring break)!


Sarah said...

Looks like Adam was non-stop. Cute pics!!

Getz Gang said...

glad you had fun
call me so we can catch up