Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Update on LL

Fortunately, LL did not have a fever again last night and slept until 8:15, as usual. However, he woke up CRYING HARD which is rare for him (I usually hear him talking on the monitor when he wakes up). I spoke to the nurse and she said to bring him in to the Dr. since he had a moderate temperature last night and still had a runny nose this morning.

We were able to see my other favorite doctor, Dr. W. I actually have two favorite docs, Dr. F (who LL usually sees) and Dr. W. Dr. W was actually MY pediatrition back in the day (about 20 years ago, when he was just starting his career. Now he has grandchildren!). I love Dr. W because he is very laid-back, a complete non-worrier. He also thinks Adam is adorable and "looks great"... besides the runny nose, of course. The Dr. thinks it might be a particular virus, but I think it's just a bad cold and teething. No infection, thank goodness. For the most part, he was himself today... a little bit more irritable than usual, but that's how he acts when he's teething. He also woke up from his afternoon nap SCREAMING for 20 minutes non-stop so I knew something was bothering him. I was finally able to rock him back to sleep, after he stopped screaming (I knew he was still tired since he had only been asleep for 30 minutes when the screaming started). Everytime I tried putting him back down in his crib he would scream again. This is very unusual behavior for LL so I let him sleep on me for a few minutes and then laid him down on our bed (see photo... so sweet). Fortunately, he fell back into a deep sleep and I was eventually able to transfer him back to his crib and he slept for 2 more hours. He was much happier after that nap and went to sleep happy, as usual, tonight. Good news: no fever! His nose is still runny, though, so we'll be homebound (except for a walk or two) again tomorrow.

Adam was also weighed at his appointment today. I was a little concerned at first since LL only weighs 19 pounds. He's gained only a pound in 2 months! However, Dr. W said that even though he is a "lightweight", I have nothing to worry about since he's on the tall side (I hope he still is; he'll be measured in a few weeks) and is extremely active. He also got the Dr's approval to eat anything and everything now except for shellfish and nuts. His appetite is definitely less, since he's sick, but we're looking forward to experimenting with some new foods in the upcoming weeks.

One more thing... Adam loves to repeat words these days. I'm not sure if really understand what he's saying but it's so funny to hear "real words" (instead of babbles) come out of his mouth. Yesterday he kept saying "UP" (as in "pick me up"). This morning he was sitting and said "UP" before pulling himself up to stand.
At least we think that's what he said. :) Tonight, he kept repeating the word "book" PERFECTLY CLEAR when we showed him his favorite book (and told him, of course, that it was a book). Who knows... maybe he'll be an early talker like his Uncle Joey!

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